Online College as a New Breakthrough

Currently underway with conventional educational methods of face-to-face. Where teachers will speak with students in two directions. What if the teacher does not meet directly with students? This is a lecture format online where teachers and students do not need to meet in person but can be done off-line or virtual meetings.

Some famous campus like Yale University, Harvard, Princeton and Oxford had tried to start an online college. As an example for Harvard itself has started to open online courses or distance mode which you can see in

They hold more than 150 online classes can be held in the form: class video that can be seen weekly and live classes via web-conference. Some lectures are open as anthropology, biology, computer science, economics, English, history of science, management information systems, management, statistics, and others. Not all college and also not all the material is done online, but some parts of the course grade.

Likewise, in the country of China, many universities are busy preparing lectures online. Will be conducting a two-university online college is Peking University and Tsinghua University. Online college is believed to be beneficial for poor people living in rural China.

Distance learning or online college is still polemical. Still there are some pros and cons. Some of the pros will certainly support the online college system because it can reduce the cost of transportation and accommodation. Especially for those who come from distant areas and difficult to obtain education or for those who are quite busy. For the counter, stating that the implementation of this online course is still difficult to control. How to ensure that the person concerned is currently studying or doing exams in this case be still vulnerable to the elements of integrity perjokian difficult or enforced. The effectiveness of face-to-face it is still not able to be replaced with an online system. Social and psychological elements are formed because they lack only one direction only to see the video or not met in person. Emotionally togetherness among faculty with fellow students who are taught or considered less. Some claimed that this online course will form a generation of anti-social as well as considered the negative impact of social networking.

The hope with the good instrumentation or regulation, the better, in the future these online courses can be organized better. So far many argue that this online college as additional (supporting) of existing conventional systems. Not to replace (substitute) system meeting face to face.

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