The Importance Of Education

Education is a conscious and premeditated attempt to create an atmosphere of learning and the learning process so that learners are actively developing the potential for him to have the spiritual strength of religious, self-control, personality, intelligence, noble character, and skills needed him , society, nation and state. The explanation seems obvious, that education is forming a national identity that includes three domains, namely cognitive, affective and psychomotor. Reliability / quality of education will Affect the life of a nation and society, both present and future. Thus the ability of the nation in the face of the future is determined by the mechanism and the education system are owned and run.

Education is the right of every citizen, but still there are some of them who do not get this right. Until now, the biggest opportunity to gain access to a good education only children of the rich and smart. Economic ability to capitalize more than adequate, supported by higher thinking skills, be a contributing factor to gain access to better education. They are a great opportunity to enter elite schools, quality, national standards, and even internationally. This creates an environment conducive to teaching and learning, as supported by the quality of the students who had a high intellect. In addition, the availability of a complete infrastructure that helps to Achieve an established education.

 Taking into account the condition of national education is not all meet national education standards, According to the authors thought highly consider it Necessary to reorganize education in Indonesia in various components. With the complexity of the phenomenon of the future, this nation is not enough just to pass down to generations of education with educational conditions requisite to the weaknesses and shortcomings. Education reform is expected to be done there, the Indonesian people will be Able to meet future full of uncertainty. No one will know the state of the future with certainty, although based on the existing data is do predictions - predictions, but it's all still approximate and uncertain.

Based on the development of science and technology roomates to date continues to run, the conditions of human life in this world / the one with the other states increasingly there are no limits of space and time. This condition will trigger competition intensifies life of the various sectors of human life, the people and nations who go forth to be Able to Compete and survive in the world arena. The description shows how important the role of education that will shape the personality and ability of a nation and the world community.

Weaknesses and Difficulties in the education system and the mechanism of the Indonesian nation must be addressed and reformed, so that the future generation is Able to face the challenges of the future. Education reform should be Carried out, in order to produce a generation of people who are Able to face global challenges. Education is the most important thing in our lives, this means that every human being deserves and hope to always evolve in education. Education in general has meant a life in self-development process of each individual to live and sustain life. Thus becoming an educated is very important. Education is the first time we get in the family, school and community environments.

A child who loved to love his family, so the child will feel that a child needs in the family. Because the family was a source of strength to build it. Thus would arise with a situation of mutual help, mutual respect, roomates strongly supports the development of the child's family. In allow maximum growth and development is the old family environment. For developing self-esteem Because appreciated, accepted, loved, and respected as a human being. Such is the importance why we Become educated on the environment familly. Parents taught us start from childhood to respect others.

While in the school environment to be both educational and if the parents have enough money then can proceed to a higher level and will continue to university and then Become a well-educated. How important is education. Teachers provide knowledge as media educators in accordance with the capabilities. The role of the teacher as an educator is to give support and encouragement role, as well as tasks related to disciplining children so that children can have a sense of responsibility with what he did. Teachers should also strive to be the lesson is always enough to Attract children.

In addition, the role of the community is also important for students. This means providing an overview of how we live society. With so when we interact with people, they will judge us, that knows where people are educated, and uneducated. In an age of Globalisation Era youth are expected to develop the knowledge acquired so do not be left behind in the times. That's the importance of being a well-educated in the Family, School, and Community.

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