Definition Of Education

What is Education ? The Definitions Education is in general sense means the effort to advance the character, mind (intellect) and physical child in harmony with nature and society ". John Stuart Mill (philosopher British, 1806 to 1873 M) lays out that the Education it includes everything which worked out by someone for himself or which worked by another person for him, with the purpose draw closer him to the level perfection.
Education, according to H. Horne, is a process which continuously (perennial) from adjustment which higher for beings humans who has evolved physically and mental, which freely and conscious to the vtuhan, such as manifested itself in nature around intellectual, emotional and humanity from the human.

John Dewey, argued that education is a process renewal of meaning of experience, this case probably will be occur in inside socially ordinary or mingling of people adult with young people, maybe anyway occur intentionally and institutionalized for for generate sustainability social. This process involves the supervision and development of the immature and the group in which he lives.

It senada also stated by Edgar Dalle that the Education constitute conscious effort which conducted by the family, communities, and government through activities of guidance, teaching, and exercises, which lasted at school and in outside of school along the hayat for prepare learners in order that can be toying the role in a various environment living basis remain for future which will come.

Thompson reveals that the Education is the influence the environment against individual for generate the changes-changes who remain in the habits of behaviors, mind and its nature.
Affirmed by M.J. Longeveled that the Education is an effort, the influence, protection and assistance who given to child in order that drawn to the his maturity, or more precisely assist child in order that quite capably implementing the tasks his life his own.

Prof. Richey in his book 'Planning for Americans teaching, late Introduction to Education' explain The term 'Education' with regard with the function who broad from maintenance and repairs life of a society especially bring citizens of society who new (generation new) for reaping its obligations and responsibilities in inside society.

Ibnu Muqaffa '(one of a figure the nation Arab who alive year-106 H-143 H, author the Book of kalilah and Daminah) says that the: "Education it it was he who we need in order to get a something which will corroborates all of senses we such as food and beverages, with which more we need for achieve civilization which high which is the santaan resourceful and spiritual".

Plato (philosopher Greek which live from year 429 SM-346 M) explains that the Education it is to help the development of respective-respective from the carnal and resourceful with something which enable the achievement of kesemurnaan.

Definition of Education 

Within Dictionary Indonesian, 1991:232, about Understanding Education, which derived from the word "learners", Then this word gets prefix of the word "me" so that become "educate" does it mean nurture and gave exercises. In maintaining and gave exercises required the existence of teachings, the demands and of management regarding the akhlak and intelligence of the mind.
Of some Definition of Education above can be be concluded regarding the Education, that the Education constitute Tutoring or aid which given by the people adults to the developmental the child to achieve the his maturity with the aim that children are enough capable or carrying out task his life himself did not with help of another person "(Langeveld).

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