Bachelor's degree, not just the sheer prestige

Moment recalled times struggle when entering the campus. Struggle, sacrifice, hard work, spirit burning, should separation from relatives and parents fuse into one, even decorated with nostalgic tears when parents increasingly smoldering. All that just for the sake of a single study and achieve the goal of completing a bachelor's degree. Thousands of high school graduates / MA and SMK packed PTN or PTS in Indonesia with all the supplies they carry. Sometimes there is also a journey for days in order to reach a place to continue his studies in S1. Everything aspire someday life could be better and earn a bachelor's degree.

However, when the time has arrived and the long-awaited era awaits arrived. Prestisi of a long journey in going through the process of reaching a bachelor's degree feels proud for all the good self, parents and families who for years waiting for the time to come. Joy, happy tears emotion all fused into one in her graduation ceremony. Various groups and congratulating the successful struggle through together, both of comrades, friends boarding house, friends organization, girlfriend, friends and faculty. At the time it was like all of ours, a day of joy, congratulations, flowers and gifts terhaturkan arrival distant relatives to the beloved campus.

New journey after the ceremonial huforia will come, where the struggle over the years will be studying at stake. Is it just stops limited to renew our name becomes longer with frills (S.Pd, bla .. bla ..). But the contribution of what has been on the bench during the course hamya be stacked in the closet and pinned in book titles behind our names.

As the times and the advancement of science by entering the era of globalization, the competition was getting tougher and competitive so that more and more scholars are added to the list of unemployment in Indonesia, but with a slight difference in a degree. That is the case today, many university graduates who scored in all fields often not accompanied with sufficient competence. So stopped at a mere title.

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