Teacher In The Digital Era

Education is a central human resource development, both the poor quality of education can not be separated from the responsibility of a teacher in the transfer of knowledge to the students as potential future generation. In the globalization era, teachers are required to be able to master ICT learning primarily in the manufacture of devices and media as a source of learning and it is unfortunate when developed countries have long used media technologies in learning, we are still teaching but in ways that conventional. Regulation on improving the competence of teachers in ICT mastery of the obvious, but there are still teachers who have not been able to use a computer let alone make the media in the form of macro media is still lacking. 

Teacher certification is a certification process for teacher educators. Teaching certificate is given to teachers who have met the professional standards of teachers. In general, teacher certification aims to determine the feasibility of carrying out duties as a teacher in a learning agent and achieve national education goals, improve the process and quality of education, enhance the dignity of teachers, and increase the professionalism of teachers. However it is ironic to see the condition of teachers today, apparently pemrintah intention to improve the professional competence of a teacher from a variety of existing regulations merely dreams. Based on the observations of the author in some areas is very sad when there are teachers who are categorized as professional but was not able to use the computers in the learning process, so that the professional title is but a symbol that is not meaningful. In addition it is also certified that the writer was wrong, where there are many teachers who get teaching certificate in a manner not in accordance with the applicable rules, such as the complete portfolio of many individual teachers who use seminars to buy a certificate / plaque without following activities in the seminar. 

In Law. 23 of 2004 on Regional Government Article 1, Section 5 reads Regional autonomy is the right, authority, and duty to regulate autonomous regions and manage their own affairs and interests of local communities in accordance with the laws and regulations. In addition the Act also regulated pemiihan direct regional head. In the electoral process is usually a lot of teachers who took part in practical politics as it is considered effective in a career, because no longer is common knowledge that the PNS (termausuk teacher) who participated in the democratic party will get two things namely when defeated then the question will be transferred and the said he supports the elected regional head office will be provided with the reasons recompense. Although there has been a ban civil servants to participate in practical politics as stipulated in PP. 53 of 2010 on Civil Servants Discipline was also ignored. This condition will affect the merits of the quality of education in an area. It is unfortunate when the central government continues to allow this condition to drag on, it will be a lot of teachers who will be the victim of practical politics. One of the practical political impact or influence on the quality of education is the number of teachers who did not complete the program within a school on the grounds has been transferred to another place. Including staffing employess who have not proportional, where there are teachers from government officials dominate teaching in the city regardless of the teacher's competence is feasible or not placed in schools of excellence.  

has mushroomed since the government established teachers as professionals is evidenced by a certificate educators, do not be surprised if today's times many high school graduates who entered college interested in majoring PGSD. With so many prospective applicants for college students from the area in PGSD, it's in many ways colleges improve services further include open classes in various areas. Law. 20 Year 2003 on National Education System classes far unknown name just because the reason there is an MOU between the universities with local pemrintah so that the class is declared legal by the local government may not orientation on quality improvement, but only on the commercialization of education. The quality of graduates is still questionable because the system is not the same lectures with students regularly in general, so the emphasis discipline of cognitive science to mere kebanyak, but a teacher must also be equipped with the skills and attitude to be applied in the learning process to students in the classroom. Besides itupula many college graduates from the class that passed away so civil servants recruited area. Pertnyaan that arises then is it really smart, fortune factors or other factors are taken to justify a variety of ways in order to become a civil servant teachers, while many college graduates from regular classes even earned the nickname tebaik student but could not pass so civil servants. So do not be surprised when many teachers today are not worth teaching may be one cause is that the system is not maximized both the lecture and recruitment. 

 4. WHAT SOLUTIONS TO IMPROVE QUALITY OF TEACHERS IN THE DIGITAL ERA ...??? Based on the various problems faced by the teacher in accordance with the previous explanation, we can conclude that many fator which makes the quality of teachers is still weak among individual factors, and the system that still need to be addressed and for a system of local government was given the authority to take care of their employees then it is very difficult to change what has become a habit over the years. Various regulations have been issued by the government from the Government Peratutan (PP) to the Permendiknas eg PP 53 of 2010 concerning the discipline of civil servants and Permendiknas 28 Year 2010 concerning the assignment of teachers as the principal of which are controlled by the center but also could not be effectively enforced in the area, so the question is how we ought to salhakan! ... whether the system or indeed moral decadence of a teacher who has been attached so difficult to change and when the human system and can be balanced, the authors believe that education will be much better than the days before.

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Thanks for the informative post. Teacher are the main pillars of providing education to the kids, therefore it is the necessity of the hour to connect them well with the digital world of education while in training. This will definitely help to improve the concept of smart teaching among teachers.

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