Media Education Values

Sudjana and Rival (2007: 2) describes the use of the medium of instruction in the teaching-learning process contains the following values​​:  
  1. With demonstrations, the teacher can lay the foundations of the real to the students to think in order to reduce the occurrence of verbal on students;  
  2. By using tools visual interest and attention of students can be improved;  
  3. Through the use of teaching aids can be laid the basis for the development of learning so that the learning outcomes will be steady
  4. using props can give real experience to students in learning; using props can cultivate the mindset of a regular and continuous
  5. the use of teaching media can help foster the development of students' language and thought, and teaching media use can provide experience to students who could not be obtained by other means, as well as help efficiency a more perfect experience

    If the
    authors conclude that the medium of instruction has benefits, certain functions and values ​​that can facilitate the learning process, because teachers can see a significant difference between teaching without teaching media by using media

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