Quality and Relevance of Education

Quality as well as quality and weight. So the implementation of quality education is education that can menghsilkan professionals according to the needs of the state and the nation at this time. While the relevant meaning relevant, mangait hooks, and directly useful. In line with the quality of education-education equalization process, improving the quality of education for all levels of schooling through well implemented. This quality improvement aimed at improving the quality of inputs and graduates, process, teachers, facilities and infrastructure, and the budget that is used to run education. The low quality and relevance of education is influenced by several factors. Are the most important factors affecting the quality of the learning process that has not been able to create a quality learning process.  

Educational outcomes are also not supported by testing and assessment system institutionalized and independent, so that the quality of education can not be monitored and teratur.Uji appeal ojektif between educational quality of a region with other regions can not be done as expected. So that the results have not been functioning educational assessment and process improvement fatherly educational outcomes. In addition, the school curriculum is structured and laden with the burden of making learning becomes stiff and uninteresting. Implementation of such education is not able to foster creativity fatherly students learn effectively. System prevailing at the present time is also not able to bring teachers and professors to perform learning and management learning to be more innovative. 

 As a result of the implementation of school education is likely to be less flexible, and not easy to change with changing times and society. On higher education, the implementation of the curriculum is set on scoping material set centrally, so that changes need to be implemented towards competency-based curriculum, and more sensitive to the developments in science and technology. The low quality and relevance of education is also caused by the low quality of the teaching force. Assessment can be seen from learning qualifications that can be achieved by teachers and lecturers. Compared to other developing countries, the quality of higher education teachers in Indonesia have a very fundamental issue. 

 Looking at the problem, it dibutuhkanlah cooperation between educational institutions with a variety of community organizations. Implementation of this cooperation can improve the quality of education. Can be seen if a higher institution to cooperate with research institutes or industry, the quality and quality of learners can be improved, especially in academic fields such technologies in the industry.

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