Efficiency and Effectiveness of Education

In accordance with the existing educational subject matter in addition to the target distribution of education and improving the quality of education, then there is one other issue that is deemed to be important in the implementation of education, the efficiency and effectiveness of education. Educational efficiency issues in terms of internal education. Mean efficiency is an objective in the field of education can be accomplished efficiently or efficiently. It means that education will be able to give good results with no waste of available resources, such as money, time, energy and so on. Efficient implementation of the educational process is an efficient use of resources such as time, effort and costs on target, with graduate education and optimal productivity.  

At the time of this sekarng, implementation of education in Indonesia is far from efficient, where the utilization of all available resources to produce graduates who are not expected. Unemployment in Indonesia is more due to the quality of education they have acquired. Education they receive does not guarantee them to be employed in accordance with the level of education in which they live. pendidikanPendidikan goals is the implementation of effective education where outcomes are achieved in accordance with the plan / program that has been set before. If the plan of study that has been made by lecturers and teachers are not done perfectly, then the implementation of the education is not effective.  

The goal of education is to develop the quality of human resources as early as possible, focused, comprehensive and integrated through various efforts. Of these objectives, the implementation of the Indonesian education requires learners to produce quality human resources memeiliki steady. Ineffectiveness of the implementation of education will not be able to produce quality graduates. It will produce graduates who are not expected. This situation will result in other problems such as unemployment. Tackle the problem of education can be done by increasing the quality of their teachers. If the quality of teachers is good, is not likely to meghasilkan graduate or educational products that are ready for the world of work mengahdapi. In addition, monitoring the use of funds to support the implementation of education effective and efficient education.  

Excess funds in education resulted in criminal corruption among education officials. Implementation of education organized can also increase the effectiveness and efficiency of education. Implementation of educational activities like this will be more helpful in saving businesses time and effort

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