Implementation of e-learning in education

Progress of a nation one indicator, it can be seen from the development of education in the nation. Advancement of education also illustrates the high level of culture of a nation. Advancement of the education sector will be a significant effect on the progress of a nation, especially the advancement of science and technology. And vice versa the progress of a nation is also a significant effect of the education sector.

Now what about the progress of the development of education in our country. If we observe the kasustik development of education in our country is actually quite encouraging, as has been achieved accomplishments International Physics Olympiad champion several times by the son - daughter of Indonesia. It's just the level of achievement or progress of education in our country does illustrate just the opposite. It was revealed from the results of research by international institutions are competent to conduct research in the field of education. In fact we are far below Malaysia, and Singapore, and a very surprising us just under Vietnam.

Regardless of the criteria - criteria that made reference of the study, which is clear from the research results, it describes the state of education in our country today. This course will be the trigger for all of us who kerkecimpung in education to further improve the performance and innovations in education.

One innovation that needs to be done according to the author is a model of the implementation of learning. This is important because in learning activities and competencies transfer is in progress.

In accordance with the current state where very rapid technological developments, particularly in the field of information technology. So it is imperative to take advantage of the information technology in education, especially in elementary school.

This article is deliberately written to provide input and advice to the model of learning in primary schools there is a change in the direction of a more significant increase compared to existing conditions. According to the authors the existence of learning in primary schools today generally still teacher-centric, and yet optimally utilize instructional media, especially the media have not made use of information technology, especially the Internet.

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