Overview of the Mind Map

Inability to process information optimally in the rapid flow of information has caused many individuals experiencing barriers to learning or work. Facts on the ground show that only a few individuals who are able to handle information effectively and be a winner in the midst of intense competition at this time. Most people fail to handle the rest of the information optimally stunned and could only watch as the world is constantly spinning in front of them without being able to make a meaningful contribution.

If explored further, the actual bottleneck of information processing lies at the two main things; process of recording and restatement process. Both are processes that are interconnected with each other.

Specifically concerning registration, individuals often unwittingly make records that are not effective. Most people taking notes in a linear fashion, line by line. Not a few of them made the record by way of direct copying all the information presented in the book. This of course then led to the difficulty to remember and use all the information in the study or to work.

This habit is very counterproductive to achieving optimal learning outcomes. Activity was recorded as forcing the mind to work (make a note) separately from the process of remembering and learning. The use of mind is less than the use of eye and hand. Soon after seeing the information presented, without the prior conduct critical evaluation, they instantly copied regardless of whether notes made later can help the process of remembering / learning.

While in relation to the presentation of the information, first thing needed is the ability to redial (recalling) the information that has been learned. Recalling an ability to present written or oral information and connection, in a format that is very personal. It is also an indicator of an individual's understanding of the information given. It was clear that the recalling process is closely related to peroses reminder (remembering).

It is most instrumental in remembrance is a strong association between the following information to the interpretation of the information. This condition can only occur when the information has a mental representation in mind. The creation of a mental representation is very important because, as expressed by Professor of Psychology at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Dress Ohlsson, various problem solving process can be optimized if the previous individuals form mental representations of the conditions encountered.

Sederhanya if one wants to remember the "car" then before he needs to make sure the mental representation of "car" in mind. Perhaps an image, taste or sound related to "car". Would be much better if only the mental representation also has a relationship with the other information. In the example of "car", then the related information such as "certain brand", "price", "speed" and others. The relationship between the information needs to be understood so that afterwards created a personal mental representation that is easy to remember.

The only form of recording that can accommodate a variety of purposes in the above is the Mind Map. By applying the individual Mind Map can anticipate the swift pace with the ability to record the information that allows the creation of "mental computer printout". It is not only useful to assist in studying the information provided, but can also reflect deep personal understanding of such information. No doubt, that the Mind Map can improve the ability to remember and use the information dramatically.

Moreover Mind Map can also make efficient use of natural individual time studying the information. This is primarily due Mapdapat Mind presents a comprehensive picture of an individual can master it so that a thing in a shorter time. In other words Mind Mapmampu cut study time by changing the linear recording which takes into effective recording that also directly can be understood by the individual. Much of the evidence in the field that indicates the Mind Mapdapat cut study time by 50%. Leading management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, requires recruitment consultants since Mind Map mastering technology so it can work more efficient while providing a thorough understanding of the conditions faced.

If it is associated with creativity, Mind Map application can also improve individual and group creativity. This is due partly because of the Mind Map allows the use of creative elements such as images, shapes, colors and the other in the form of mental representations. Moreover Mind Map also accommodate a variety of points of view that differ from the individuals in the group. Various technologies that stimulate creativity such thoughts; brainwriting, brainwalking and semantic intuition is highly compatible with the Mind Map.

Many individuals who have achieved success thanks to the power of creativity generated through a Mind Map. One of them is Walt Disney. He is referred to as a most keratif in the 20th century. keratifitasnya can be very high because he can run 3 functions at once thought, dreamer, realist and critic. And all the functions it can perform optimally through the Mind Map application. Creativity is the thing that causes Walt Disney as a major player in the entertainment industry.

Mind Map application allows the creation of individual creativity that automatically "force" individuals to think beyond boundaries. By Ryuta Kawashima, head of the neuroscientist from Tohoku University in Japan, the creator of brain training, mind (not the brain) has its own distinct age with individual biological age. If people use it, then it makes it more youthful. Conversely, if the individual does not use it he makes it older. So it is not exaggeration to say that the Mind Map application can rejuvenate your mind age.

So that it is clear of the benefits described above, the ability of the Mind Map control is a must because it gives a lot of benefits both for individuals and for groups.

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