Steps to Becoming a Champion

In life, everyone wants to be the champion. Not just a matter of being superior to others, but this is about how to achieve the goal.

We can learn from the athletes who are always armed with the spirit of the title hunt and a winning mentality. Character and personality of the athlete "champion" will be seen when he fought on the battlefield. Motivator son Lengkong say a champion will always hold this spirit.

However, there are important things that need to be listened to can be a champion in everyday life, for example in your studies. Here are the steps mentioned by the Son.

1. A winner always has a clear purpose
Son pointed out the figure of Florence Chadwick. The American woman has set a clear goal to become the first woman to successfully swim across the Catalina Channel. Having had time to cross the English Channel, Florence was against the fog and sharks swimming in the distance as far as 35 miles, but unfortunately prevented him from reaching the coastal fog Catalina. He also failed. And then, she had reached a distance of 33 km.

In the next year, Florence back across the goal setting Catalina. He set a goal to have a clearer thought of seeing coastal island destination. The fog was not able to stem the blocking objective. He succeeded.

2. A champion willing to pay the price for the convenience of a progress
Swimmer Michael Phelps upset when the reporter said that he was just lucky when won 8 gold medals at the 2008 Olympics. He said the achievement was not luck, but achieved through hard work.

When you eat lunch, Phelps is practicing in the pool. While on vacation with the family, he also appears to be still practicing there. When other people are in the comfort, Phelps has been pawned for a hard work to achieve success.

3. Always do things that are out usually to succeed
Michael Phelps says "You can not set a limit on anything" when asked about reaching the target life.

The story of Vice President of Citibank, Houtman Zainal Arif, also show this character. He started his career as an office boy. Houtman always doing things outside in his work usually, so just take care of the cleanliness of the job can be completed even more than that.

He also took care of photocopies in the 1960s as an office boy not good at doing double duty at the time of data. He wants to learn after completing his work. As a result, he is believed to serve as the person in charge of the office copier and re-do things outside usually.

After completing his work, he helped the administration, as did the process of stamps and other administrative matters, so that on one occasion he was appointed to the office staff to the top then a career as a vice president of the world-class bank.

4. What you focus on, that's what you have to go into
A champion will focus on the things that helped to achieve their dreams and not on the things that hinder the achievement of dreams tersebut.Pada this section, we only need to open yourself to look at opportunities with a deeper and more positive.

5. To have butterflies in your yard and home, there are two ways to do. First, with a net but few would have netted, while the second way is to create a flower garden so the butterflies will come to your own.

A champion will continue to develop him to have the means and quality that are sought after by various groups so that it would approach kesuksekan.

So, you ready to become a champion?

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