What Is Education

M.J. Langeveld (1995):
Education is a human attempt to guide human adults who have not grown to maturity Child's education is to help businesses to implement tugastugas life, to be independent, legally-baliq, and moral responsibility Education is the pursuit of self-determination, and moral responsibility 

Understanding of education in general:
Education are: the conscious effort made responsible adult human family helps children become adults [1].

Conscious effort: education will be implemented if a strong desire to change something in us, from knowing to know better, than to be able to, and from good to better. Education efforts have a specific purpose in accordance hierarchically.

a. Adult man in charge of education consists of:
- Parents are responsible for her sons education
- Teachers / educators, trainers responsible under the assignment he received (so necessary decree decree, in order to carry out teaching activities)
- Community leaders (officers, kiayi, respected person) can help education in accordance with the proportions.
b. Adult characteristic
- Independent
- Useful for others
- Responsible
- To respect the rules / norms
c. Help means a sincere, well-intentioned without feeling forced

Definition I: Education is a conscious effort that regularly and systematically, which is done by people - people who are entrusted with the responsibility to influence the child to have a nature and character that suits ideals - ideals of education. Definition II: deliberate assistance given to children in the physical and spiritual growth. Theoretical understanding of educational and teaching are not the same. Teaching science mean deliver or manyampaikan pengaetahuan or keterampilandan forth to others, using the way - a way that science - the science could be owned by someone else. Another case to educate, that is just not enough to educate hany provide knowledge or skills, but also must be inculcated in the students values ​​- values ​​and norms - norms that high moral and noble. From the definition above we can know that educating broader than teaching. Teaching is just a tool or a means to educate., And educating must have a purpose and values ​​- values ​​that high .

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