What Is Education System

The term comes from the Greek system "Systema", which means a set of parts or components that are interconnected on a regular basis and is a whole. The term system is used to demonstrate some sense, one of which is the system can be used to demonstrate a set of ideas or ideas that structured and organized so as to form a logical whole.

System is a unit consisting of components or elements or elements as sources that have a functional relationship regularly, not just random, which help each other to achieve a result (product) (Zahara Idris 1987). Education is sustu effort to achieve an educational goal. An educational effort involving three main elements are as follows:

Input element is learners with different characteristics that exist in the learner (antaralaian, talents, interests, abilities, physical condition).

Element of the business is related pandidikan process various things, such as educators, curriculum, school buildings, books, learning methods, and others.

Work element results are the result of education which includes learning outcomes (in the form of knowledge, attitudes and skills) after the completion of a specific learning process.

Education is a system that has elements of goals / objectives of education, students, education managers, structure or hierarchy, curriculum and equipment / facilities. (Deartemen Education and Culture, 1939).

In general terms the education system is the sum total of its parts working together to achieve the expected results based on predetermined needs. Every system must have a purpose, and all the activities of all the components or parts thereof are directed to the achievement of the stretcher. Therefore, the educational process is a system, which is referred to as the education system.

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