What Is Reading

Reading is a very important skill to be mastered by each individual. Tarin (2008: 7), reading is a process that is done and used by the reader to get a message, to be delivered by author through written language. Somadyo (2011: 1), reading is an activity for interactive picking and understand the meaning contained in the material written. Furthermore, it is said that reading is a process conducted and used by readers to obtain the message delivered by authors. 

Nuriadi (2008: 29), reading is a process that involves physical activity and mentally. One of physical activity in reading is when the reader moving the eye along the lines of writing in a reading text. Reading involves mental activity that can ensure the acquisition understanding to be maximal. Reading is not just moving the ball eyes from left to right margin but far from it, the activity of thinking understand writing for the sake of writing. 

According Harjasujana (1996: 5), reading is the ability of the complex. Readers are not only looking at the written symbols alone, but rather seeks to understand the meaning of the written symbols. Uterus 89 (2008: 2), reading is a complex activity that involves visual activity, thinking, psycholinguistics, and metacognitive. 

Subyantoro (2011: 9), reading is skills that will eventually be the behavior of a person's daily life. The reader has a certain attitude, at the beginning before the reading skills formed. Based on the understandings outlined above, the authors agreed with Tarin, that reading is a process that is done and used by the reader to get a message to be delivered writer through written language. By reading, readers gain a lot of benefits. The benefits, which can expand their knowledge and dig pesanpesan contained in the written literature.

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