Tips To Become a Teacher's Favorite

For a teacher, of course, have hope for the students liked. It can facilitate the teachers to deliver any material that has been prepared for the students look forward to the teacher talk. When a teacher is absent, students will find the teacher. Being a favorite teacher also does not mean that students obey all want or desire. Because if the teacher wishes to obey all students may actually make out the purpose and activities of the learning process. But how does that become a favored pupil teacher? Here we provide some tips for teachers so that the students liked.

  • Learning methods are varied and fun.

Teachers do not just stuck with one method alone, for example, only lectures, but use a fun method, which makes students active and do your own.

  • Create conditions conducive to teaching and learning.

Teachers who master the material and present it with a delicious and easy to understand students and to provide an objective assessment.

  • Teachers are humorous.

If asked, teachers who are most favored disciple? Kebanyakkan is almost certainly a humorous teacher. Of course the joke and humor to make learning more fun. But that does not mean his lack of humor offensive, but the humor in the right place and time.

  • Gives rights and needs of students.

Pupils also have rights that must be met by the teacher, such as the right to ask and get the answers right. Teachers who give students' needs, whether it be the characters and their development needs, or needs to be appreciated.

  • Maintain dignity

Maintain dignity, reflected in behavior or attitude in the classroom or outside the classroom.

  • Able to be an example.

Teachers must be able to be an example for his students. Not only articulate but also able to practice it.

  • Well dressed, smiling and patient.

Maintain an attractive appearance, immaculate make students feel at ease with the teacher. Likewise with a smile, that the pupils 'problem / naughty' will wear off and would like teachers who love to smile sincerely and patiently.

  • Educating the heart and inspire.

Educate or teach not only considered as a job or profession, much of it is also interpreted as devotion and worship.

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