Humorous Teacher

Humorous teachers are teachers who are good in creating and condition the joyful learning for their students. Dangan fresh jokes can be connected in a variety of learning materials. Whatever the material and atmosphere however, teachers must be able jamming humorous mix a matter to be something that tickles and laughable. Of course that should not be abandoned is to adapt the level of development of the age of their students. So, with the fresh atmosphere, learning becomes fun and exciting.

Many theories have suggested the application of learning fun. Among them Quantum Teaching, Quantum Learning, even explicitly also been mandated by Government Regulation No. 19 Year 2005 on national education standards that the learning process and implement an interactive, inspiring, and fun. All of this is returned to the teacher. One type of qualified teachers for teachers it is humorous. In general, a humorous teacher is a teacher who is close in the hearts of their students. With this proximity, there is a positive contribution to the success of learning. Exemplary and certainly idolized his performance among students. Similarly, what is conveyed by the teacher will be received with great enthusiasm and sense of fun.

Personal experience during school, many teachers also humorous that became my idol, so learning to be more vibrant and the material taught by teachers can be absorbed well. Do not go out the right ear left ear, hehehe ..

In this article, I think a humorous teacher is included in the education reform effort, which is classified into the renewal of educational personnel. Because teachers are educators whose existence can not be separated by learners. So the existence of a humorous teacher will be required of students to improve their learning enthusiasm.

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