Postgraduate Courses or Not ?

YOU intend to go to college to graduate level, but not sure because of various considerations?

1. The real world is more beneficial to your career

Some occupations do require a graduate degree. However there are some areas of work that is more for experienced people rather than people who have a graduate degree. Many things can be learned through your profession.

MBA Admissions Director at Trulaske College of Business at the University of Missouri-Columbia, Barbara Schneider had an explanation about this. According to him, the experience in the 'real world' is the value of a student in starting or running career.

The advantage of working rather than go back to college experienced Maddy Harrington, a former student of Mount Holyoke College. He admitted, skipped college graduate more useful.

2. Having a graduate degree does not guarantee you a better employee or qualified

Sometimes, more work experience is considered valuable by the company rather than level of education. Companies want to hire people who know what they are doing, and often see the previous work experience of the workers. Having a graduate degree does not guarantee the company had the required skills.

3. Graduate student workload will be more profound and intense

Difficulty level college graduate should be a consideration when deciding to continue studying. Therefore, a preview of the graduate class, could be a consideration.

Official reception at the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law, explains Michelle Heck, many students are not sure if earned graduate degrees in law school is something they really want.

In this regard, we encourage prospective students to come to class, talk to the students there, and feel the environment. This could strengthen their decision whether really want a lecture or not.

Therefore, make sure you're ready and focused for a very special program.

4. You do not have the time or resources to be a full-time graduate student

Many graduate programs are not 'forcing' students to become full-time student. Moreover, many online options for college. But generally, the professor and graduate program director agreed to become a full-time graduate student, will give the best results.

He gives the example of the student experience on campus have the opportunity to enter the competition surgical cases, working with fellow students to develop innovative business ideas, and worked as a teaching assistant, as well as in fields relevant to their career interests. According to Schneider, this opportunity is not available if a graduate student or a part-time online program.

5. Graduate college, Expensive!

Can not be denied, graduate tuition costs are not small. Based on the search Legal, tuition masters program at one campus to cost the country up to USD 5000 over two years. While the cost of college tuition in one of the elite in Jakarta will cost approximately USD 4000. Obviously, this could be a consideration to go to college graduate.

For some people, the graduate program is an important step to achieve their career goals, but for others, high cost makes them have to think twice. Even in America, the graduate program tuition fees up to $ 30 thousand.

6. Graduate degree does not guarantee a job with a high salary.

In America, has a graduate degree does not guarantee employment and higher wages, than people with lower education levels. Therefore, before going on to graduate school, do your own research and make sure you know the areas that will be run.

Number of people who pursue graduate degrees has increased significantly. But many students do not realize that the top level profession that became the target of them, actually do not increase in number but it tends to shrink.

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