When Students Afraid to Graduate

With a college degree, people will respect and disinclined him. However, do so now? apparently not. Nowadays people are more likely to respect people "rich" rather than scholars.

Society's view of "bachelor" is redundant. They are considered to be well-educated people who are able to bring a change in society. In addition, they are also considered intellectuals "all-rounder" in all respects. So, often when returning home, scholars are required to contribute to society in many ways.

Skills poor

Recognized or not, these days a lot of educated unemployed poor. In fact, they have a higher social strata in society. In fact, many college graduates who do not have the skills. As a result, after a degree in their "idle" and confused look for a job. It's ironic this phenomenon.

Therefore, in the context of entrepreneurship education should be taught on campus, either in the form of courses, training, and seminars. Because, it is very useful to prepare for the future. Thus, students must have a special skill beyond his core discipline, because after graduation and work, these skills will support their work.

Therefore, no doubt that many students fear quickly passed and became scholars. Because the title of "scholar" spawned a huge responsibility in the community. Then, whether the grounds that they become "eternal student" who stand living on campus to half a dozen? surely this must be straightened.

Still Looking for Work

Are often exposed to the sap is an educational institute. He is considered can not print ready graduates. Quality of the graduates do not match the needs of the workforce. They do not meet the requirements set standards for labor recruitment. In fact, some efforts have been made campus.

Quality greatly affects the quality of college graduates. So, it should boost the quality of college education to minimize the educated unemployed.

In addition, scholars should not be complacent. They should always improve self incompetence, create, innovate, and continue to learn to add to their repertoire of science. Thus, at least unemployment will be reduced.

The Importance of Soft Skills

Soft skills are skills that can not be obtained in the learning process. One alternative way to develop soft skills is to actively organize. Organizations provide a little more skill that is in the students, because college only teaches theory. In essence remains how students utilize and cultivate theories and develop their life skills, as soft skillsangat depan.Maka support period, the student must smart seek and develop soft skills.

So, in addition to capital and degree diploma "bachelor", they must have the skills and proficiency hidup.Pasalnya, the world of work does not require applicants who just cashed a diploma, but the company requires applicants have the soft skills, including language skills, communication, and other skills. At its core is the willingness and enthusiasm of students to develop soft skills, if only relying on a diploma, then be prepared to be unemployed.

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