Before Continuing Lecture, Think It's Here!

The availability of a variety of majors across the university, either public or private are ready to be selected by prospective students as an educational product buyers. The success and future success in a career is no value of his contribution is determined by the accuracy in choosing majors in college later. Make no mistake in choosing majors such as friends just went along with it without considering any case. Certainly all do not want it to be one of the students majoring in?

Existing majors in colleges or universities must have been formulated in such a way by the education provider in the institution at that point, the career development of graduates in the future, the expected input and output, and so forth. There used to be a favorite majors who did not sell back then disappear and then reappear again it is not over because the labor market is also constantly changing. With the ever changing job market, then the selection of the proper subject in order to avoid being a student is wrong department needs to be done with much consideration.

Things to consider very carefully when choosing majors include:

1. Passion
Passion should be the first order to be considered for students who have just graduated from high school graduation to go to enjoy the college level. Here often clash between themselves passion with the desire of parents. Lecture time will be not interesting at all if you do it out of necessity.

2. Personal
Value of personal values ​​in choosing subject can be described like this. Studying civil engineering and later worked at a construction company, a project for the construction when he gets a commercial building in poor and slum populated region, assigned to take care of the land issue. There personal values ​​as citizens will determine, whether the faithful with his work or whether sympathetic to people who will lose their homes.

3. Talent
Now refer to himself, even though the college is a learning process, but if the skills and expertise are now associated with the selected majors then it is very helpful at all. Task easily done and will not lack. Note the talents, skills and expertise you and find the appropriate department.

4. Motivation
Honors courses are selected motivation can be based on the skills and expertise as well as a clear direction when already graduated from college later. Observe that motivated you to choose whether the subject has based these matters. Another issue related to student motivation is often one of the majors was dissolved by the public opinion regarding certain majors without reconsidering carefully. When motivation was lost and felt wrong direction, it can be said to be a 'disaster'.

5. Future Expectations & Realities
This consideration becomes a bit difficult, as it relates to the macro economy is not only happening in the region, but also can be affected from the global economy. Although difficult to do, at least we can consider the potential graduates and future job availability.

If you already feel wrong college and majors, there are few alternative way out. If you want to move our department should consult with the parents because it is related to the cost of college because they have to start again from scratch. Also make sure also that the majors are taken completely according to your interests. When choosing a stick found reason to make at home on campus, may be good friends, a fun college atmosphere, or other things that make us uncomfortable. Besides working world after graduation is very broad. Did not rule out working in a field far from our department for an adaptable and comfortable.

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