Hope For A Doctor

what exactly is expected of a doctor? Is it true that doctors simply stopped just limited to social status? It should not, because the high value of an image always comes from substances that are qualified.

About moral responsibility for someone who has a doctoral degree, I was reminded of the movie Spiderman. In this film, Uncle Ben told Peter Parker, "With great power, comes great responsibility" (Sony Pictures, 2009). The phrase also applies to a doctor, who by that title he had a respectable position. Unfortunately, many forget or do not even understand about the moral responsibilities that follow, so that contributions and his work stopped after title acquired S3. Even more alarming is that ignorance about this then has implications for the study of processes that are not running properly.

There are rogue elements who are tempted to take shortcuts misleading: do not bother to go through the process of researching S3. Ekonomipun law applies: if there is demand, there is supply. Came the case of buying and selling diplomas. Universities "sign" appears to offer a doctoral program instant, only with "college" so many months and pay Euro or Dollar, diploma be gripped. It should be noted that some colleges such bulging precisely located in developed countries.

Another mode shortcut is to utilize the services of manufacturing firms dissertation. Basis in cities in Indonesia, a lot of education efforts such service bureau. Ads strewn everywhere, from newspapers, the Internet, through the in-shabby paper laminating and taped in the tree. Person in question could have been officially registered as an S3 student at a college, but he ignores the stages of research into the spirit of S3 itself. With the help of a service bureau, starting with the selection of topics to script writing his dissertation engineered such that it looks as though the original. He is busy manipulating the process, not through the process.

As mentioned previously, a doctor standing at the end of horizon development in the field of science. He was on the tip of the edge, so that after completing his doctoral studies is to continue the development of science in the field. Based on the research he had done during the study, she explores new areas unspoiled by further research. The result is contributed in the form of a scientific paper or real applications, and the cycle continues. In this way science can progress, and the role of a doctor is spearheading this effort.

It must be recognized that the role of the above are ideal, and many doctors in Indonesia are not able to run due to various reasons. A new doctor, especially those from abroad, usually have great passion in running his new role. Unfortunately, it is home to the place of work in Indonesia, the environment is not capable of supporting the high expectations. Many then become frustrated and eventually find a way out that far from these ideals.

Although the ideal role that can rarely be met consistently, still a doctor is a human being endowed with high intellect. With all the limitations that exist, he should be able to look for opportunities where it can contribute through the high intellectual capacity. In universities or research institutes, he can still work, though probably not the same kind of research as the current school abroad. Many real problems in society that need to be addressed, and some issues have a high complexity that require special capabilities as well. A doctor has the basic supplies to handle this sort of thing, and this opens up opportunities for him to be able to contribute to carrying out its role.

A doctor is a person trained to carry out research independently. Research is an activity that explores the human intellect to seek answers to the problems faced. Research conducted follow universal principles and scientific principles such thinking coherently and argumentative, uphold objectivity and scientific honesty, and humility in recognizing the works of others who influence or related to his research. Competence is required of a doctorate, wherever he worked. In short, a doctor may not be able to maintain a leading position in the development of science edgenya for various reasons, but he is still expected to be able to generate a pithy thoughts, objective, and original in his 

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