what interesting got PhD?

Currently a doctoral degree is the belle. Something sexy, they say, so much sought after. Anyone who aggressively pursue this degree? Why do they do it?
Hunters are the most enthusiastic doctorate course, is the people who work in the academic and research world. For professors at universities and researchers at research institutions, formal doctoral degree is the highest goal in academic education that they might take. For the men and women of academic, doctoral degree is not only seen as external attributes (such as "pilgrimage" for example), but rather an inherent demands on educators profession itself. There are no professors who do not want to get a doctorate, because it is part of the achievement of the work as a lecturer task.

In addition, recognized or not, on campus or research institutes still unwritten culture of the difference in treatment or outlook based on academic status. S3 holders have the right or privilege in various forms, which can not be enjoyed by those who "only" has a S2 or S1. For example, recently began appearing a few ads in the media to find candidates college official (dean or provost). In almost all of the requirements for candidates who hold a doctorate. At my workplace, even qualified to be president jurusanpun one of them is to have a degree S3. Is it true that a doctor is always more qualified in terms of the management of higher education institutions compared to a master's or bachelor? Whether the requirements are to be intended to keep the branding image, no one knows the answer for sure.
On a more informal level, they also encountered cultural "look who's talking". If anyone argues, first seen who he is. The opinion of a doctor in general receive more attention than the opinion of people who are not doctors (except for certain cases that are exceptional). Naturally, such a phenomenon also trigger people to achieve the highest academic degree.
Of course many people are motivated by the characteristics of the doctoral program itself. One of the criteria is a doctoral graduate research contributes significantly to the development of science. In order to make a significant contribution, research S3 must contain originality. Originality means to be at the very forefront of the topics examined. People often say that a doctor is the best person to know / understand about the research topic. Feeling of "being on the front end" is often a powerful internal motivation for a student S3. For him, this condition to drive to work constantly developing field of science by conducting research and publish the results, not only for his learning, but even after the completion of his studies.

There is also a vibrant school S3 as interested in the process. Learning the S3 level is not like learning at a lower level. There are demands to be independent in carrying out his research, in addition to skills in exploring unknown areas and find interesting things that can be contributed. For those who have a life scientist, intellectual journey is very challenging because it can provide an appropriate tribute to the soul: the inner satisfaction because it can find new things that are useful.

Doctorate popularity also increased among non-academic. In recent years quite a lot of people who are known to work in non-academic fields are also interested in getting a doctorate. Government officials, directors of state enterprises, businesses, up to the politicians and political party officials also interested delved into this stream. No one has studied scientifically about this phenomenon, but a simple analysis of the causes is the nature of the Indonesian people who like the social symbols. Doctorate is a symbol of cleverness and intellect. Doctoral also, reflected relatively high economic status, because the cost of education is quite expensive. In short, the doctorate is the brand (brand) of high value. With this title, the holder can expect to get a high appreciation of the social environment. Like it or not, this is a growing reality in some communities in Indonesia.

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