Online Graduate Degrees

In the internet world you do not have to meet the buildings or lecture hall with other people and you do not need to get caught up in the course schedule.

Open University or open university allows people to learn from home at the time they set themselves and earn a bachelor's degree. Was a pioneer university degree via the Internet.

University which has more than 263,000 students in 23 countries are now a record breaker in iTunes U, part of the iTunes online store that provides a digital library of course materials for students and university staff.

Open University course materials are available at iTunes U downloaded 31 million times, more than any university and represents 10% of all materials downloaded through iTunes U. Nearly 90% of downloaders are users coming from outside the UK.

Unlike iTunes, which sells music or movies online, Apple's iTunes U allows students to download the video lectures and other materials from various universities in the world.

World's leading universities such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University in the United States, to the University of Oxford and Cambridge in the UK put video and audio lectures them on iTunies U, which is available for free for people who want to download it.

Prospects to be able to study at renowned universities such as Harvard of the open house. Although current Harvard University and other universities have offered an undergraduate degree via the Internet, they offer course material online for everyone is very beneficial for other students and especially for students of the Open University.

Why do we have to attend a lecture at a university and listen to professors who may not be the best or the best in their field, if we could access the iTunes U and hear lectures from the best professors in the world

More options and access to quality and the more people who are familiar with digital products, I think, will change everything. But whether universities are ready for change, that's another question.

Anthony Salcito, Vice President of Microsoft Global Education affairs said, higher education via the Internet would be a way to open more choices and provide opportunities for students to be able to look at other options besides a large university.


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