fun in college while working

Indonesia's economy is erratic and sometimes are in tough times, make each of us be creative in finding loopholes to survive, including for students. The difficult problems of life difficult for some segments of society encourages students to find solutions to problems they are experiencing with the financial work.

There are some students who do have a problem with tuition fees, so they are trying to ease the burden on parents to work. But there are also students who worked on the grounds of independence or simply looking for extra pocket money as needs are increasing. Whatever the motivation, there is no prohibition for a person to college while working. There are many positive things to be gained by working. In addition we are able to have their own income, the experience we gained while working is very useful to support the lecture itself and as an additional reference in the future work.

At least we can feel right all matters relating to the real working world, which so far we only know from books and sharing of the faculty. With knowledge and experience, we will be better able to understand the contents of the lecture. Because basically, the contents of the lecture is to explain the terms and the things that happen and is closely related to the working world.

Another advantage of working at the college, students can use their companies as an object for the case study assignments, discussion papers or lectures. This will provide a lot of convenience for students, because they are already well on the company and the management letter of permission to conduct research will be much easier as well. Students can also use the facilities provided by the company, such as a computer or internet service, for the benefit of lectures and of course this is done outside of working hours.

 In addition to the useful things that we can get to work on while in college, of course there are the struggles we have to do, ranging from volunteer less time playing and hanging out with friends to be replaced with work, to share their thoughts and energy for the sake of the task in office. In addition to that, we must be able to adapt to the people in a work environment, which is generally more mature in thinking and very demanding our full responsibility in completing the task. Not to mention, if the current college exams arrive, we must be extra diligent and healthy in order to prepare themselves.

However, another problem faced peril is a condition in which the college shifted its position as the top priority being the second priority after work. So often found in certain cases, lectures become "keteteran" or displaced due to preoccupation student work and not able to manage your time well. So we have to be smart to set the time so that lectures OK, work is also OK. Discipline could be the most powerful way to overcome 

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