Lecture Competition The Master's program in German

Too many prospective students, too few places college. Thus the results of research on the quota places for Masters studies in Germany. These conditions can damage the good image of German universities abroad.

Hörsaal (lecture room) filled at German universities so picture everyday. Young people stormed the college in order to achieve a Bachelor's degree and most want to continue to the Master's program. This future will be difficult, at least according to a recent study Centrums für Hochschulentwicklung (CHE).

CHE a think tank tasked Bertelsmann Foundation and Stiftung zur Förderung der Hochschulkonferenz Bachelor students observe statistics and making prognosis, how much demand majors Master's program in the future. Estimated worst, the next three years will be approximately 36 thousand places college masters.
According Ziegele, this will happen if 85 percent of students graduate Bachelor's degree Master wants. Realistic quotas. In some universities like RWTH Aachen, in some majors quota was exceeded. "In the Department of Mechanical Engineering, in recent years we've passed 90 percent quota.

But according to him, the situation was relatively calm in Aachen. Because for most college majors where the Master was not imposed restrictions, something like Numerus Clausus.

Impact bad image
Freie Universität Berlin in a different situation. "Since a few years a shortage of places for the Master's program", said Sina Prasse, FU Berlin student representative to the DW. "A lot of applicants are rejected. We saw it from the amount of questions to us, how they can respond to rejection."
Corresponding table Numerus Clausus (NC) FU Berlin for last winter semester lectures, students majoring in Philosophy for example need a passing grade average of 1.4 to be able to continue to pursue Master studies. For the Department of Political value 1.5.

For foreign students more difficult, further Prasse said. They must submit evidence and documents, which can only be obtained by spending time and great expense. "If the future more applicants for the Master majors, simplify business procedures likely will not be improved". Estimated impact study in Germany will become less attractive.

Graduation year 2 times
Rising demand for college places program Master al due to the political decision to shorten the school year from 13 to 12 years. Therefore in many German states, in the same year there Abitur graduates (SMU) of the two forces at once. Coupled with the abolition of compulsory military service and social work, more and more young people compete for a place in college.
Politics has to react and adopt a program that provides greater funding for universities, multi-billion-euro (Hochschulpakt 2020). This is expected to create hundreds of thousands of new college places. But according Ziegele, program duration was too short and too focused on the Bachelor program, so it is still less funding for the Master's program.

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