Could Lecture While Working?

Work is a routine that sometimes makes you feel like there is no time to do other things outside of work. For those of you who have just entered the workforce after passing the course level, of course there is the next level to be skipped and certainly more challenging than the previous level.

In the early stages of your work a lot of foreign things that you do not know, therefore, vital presence in the work environment adaptation. For instance adaptation in behavior, way of working, a way of thinking, menerepakan the values ​​of life, to adaptation for goal setting. Everything is going to be very difficult at the beginning, and not a few are experiencing stress due to adaptation to the work environment, but do not worry, it can stimulate the adrenal glands stress that causes you to work harder. Thus, the stress makes you a step ahead. But not a few who feel failed and in the end decided to change the course of the search for a new job. All the choice is yours.

You undergo routine so long, your minds may be had implied that the knowledge you get dibangku school and college is not so much used in your work. Your mind is not widely used compared to the more energy is absorbed and demand a lot of physical strength, so that you feel your brain becomes dull because of stuck with the routine.

Have you ever thought to sharpen the brain and skills though you are working as well as studying, whereas holiday Saturday and Sunday only. Most people would think what was. Busy so time-consuming job, especially added for college. Many programs are offered to you are working but want to go to college, as an extension lecture on the day Saturday and Sunday, a master degree at the regular Monday-Saturday evenings, and many more programs offered by the college or university that is. Before deciding to work and going to school is worth thinking about the following points carefully:

Costs. Budget that you spend is certainly not small. Think of the amount of tuition fees must be paid, taking into account also the cost of transport and meals. After that, do the saving for things that are secondary, so cashflow is not bloated.

Recognize the bureaucratic system of the company. If you are a new employee who has just started working, the better you first save your desire to go to college, because when you decide to go back to college you should be able to negotiate with the office to arrange your class hours. Your early work typically companies want to assess what kind of performance you are and how loyal you are to the company. If you are a new beginning just ask permission, how do you get a good reputation in the eyes of the company.

Time settings. Must be clever in managing time between the tight schedule of work such as deadlines, meetings, overtime with coursework. Make your schedule as possible. Instill in you the principles of hard work, because the study is also an investment in the future, so do not waste your time on things that are not useful. Remained consistently undergo schedule you have created.

Make the decision. Make a belief in yourself that office work can be combined with assignments. If not, you should make the decision between work or college. Because both are equally important, if in the end you have to stop working for a while to finish college, do not be sad because college is also an asset for your life. After the chase behind you after you return to the workforce. If you think your job is more important than college, make a decision to not studying, because sometimes we can not do the job at a time.

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