Crisis of Education in America

"American education system is in crisis," as the result of a recent report concluded that the University of Chicago, USA. According to a report from the data summarized in the year 2007, nearly 6.2 million students in the United States aged 16-24 years at the drop out of school. UNICEF report also stated that the graduation rank American students has decreased dramatically, ranks among the bottom three other developed countries. International scale test results conducted by the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) in 2009 put the U.S. at No. 32 out of 65 participating countries, far behind South Korea, Canada, and the Netherlands. The high dropout rate of students is also affected by the decline in the quality of education in the United States that occurred in recent decades.

Americans invest money that did little to education, more than U.S. $ 9,000 (about Rp. 80 million) for each child each year. However, success in the implementation of the education system is not determined only from the funds invested. Quality of teachers is one of the important factors that determine the success of learners. "Teachers are qualified to teach it in the classroom magic tub", presented by Craig Barrett, chairman of Intel computer chip company told the BBC that also concerned over the declining quality of teachers in America today.

Education allocations are less precise cited as the cause of decline in the quality of American education. Less attention to the allocation of government funds for improving the quality of teachers pengajar.Para not get enough allowance and counseling to improve their teaching skills. The government also criticized the lack of attention on the aspects of teaching staff salaries are commensurate. Thus, the quality of teachers in the United States has declined in recent years.

Economic crisis America has experienced an impact on the distribution of education funding in the uneven states. Less affluent states, such as California having trouble paying for qualified teachers. Whereas, in the more affluent parts of the country, qualified teachers more easily obtained with the help of donations and subsidies from the parents. As a result, students in poorer states are not getting a good quality education for the poor quality of the teaching force is used. On a national scale, it makes the chart of graduation students in America had fallen sharply.

America itself invest more towards the use of technology as a means of supporting learning. The classroom is equipped with a widescreen monitor and media presentations sophisticated teaching and learning. However, "Computers and technology can not replace the teacher, they are just tools," said Barrett once again. Americans need to be more focused allocation of funds towards improving the quality of teachers to improve the quality of education.

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