Role Of Instructional Media For Education

Media for Learning: The role of instructional media
 Adult education world is progressing very rapidly due to follow the progress of science and technology is based on the increase of faith and piety. The progress starts from the use of High Technology (high tech) in the form of the use of ICT (Information and Communications of Technology / Information and Communication Technology).

Educational reform and improvement of teaching experience both in terms of curriculum, teaching methods and media that aims to form students qualified, creative and able to follow the development of ICT.Therefore, to help students and teachers in order to better understand the concepts of physics in everyday life, then it must be made visualization mediakomputer-based material through ICT. With the use of ICT tools are expected to help solidify the concepts of physics to students in learning activities, or even as a tool for student learning at home after a topic is taught by a teacher at school.

At this time the computer is already very popular in the community and all schools have computers, whether used for administration of the school and to the media in the classroom. With computer media facilitate teachers in the teaching materials that are abstraction and assist students in learning the material.Computer Media use in the teaching-learning process is an alternative to uniform media teachers teaching to stimulate students' thinking, attention, feelings and interests of students to allow the teaching-learning process is reciprocal between teachers and students.The role of instructional media, among others:
  •     Clarify the presentation of the material in order to not only be verbal (in the form of written words or writing)
  •     Overcome the limitations of space, time and the senses, because according to experts absorption ability of humans to understand the problems with the five senses, namely: 1) Ear (hearing) 13%, 2) Eyes (vision) 75%, 3) nose (olfactory) 3 %, 4) Leather 6%, 5) tongue (taste) 3%
  •      Use appropriate and varied media can overcome the passive nature of the students
  •     Avoid misunderstanding of an object and concept
  •     Connecting the real with the unreal.
Weaknesses are found, among others: impressions too quickly, eyes tired, the picture is less sharp, a little time. This weakness improved with time settings impressions and appearance pengggunaan better picture.

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