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Management education is a matter that should be prioritized for the continuity of education, so as to produce the desired output. In fact, many institusipendidikan that do not have good management in the management of education. 

Educational visionary, has a clear mission to produce quality output. That's where the importance of education management is applied.

Management used are conventional, so it is less able to meet the challenges of the times and left impressed modernity. This resulted in an ideal educational objectives that should be fulfilled it can not be realized. Worse, sometimes the education managers are not aware of it. 
Management education is a process to coordinate a variety of resources such as teacher education, educational facilities such as libraries, laboratories, etc. to achieve the goals and objectives of education. Namely the intellectual life of the nation and develop the whole person, the man who is faithful and devoted to God Almighty and noble character, knowledge and skills, physical and spiritual health, stable and independent personality and a sense of civic responsibility and nationality. 
During its development, management pendidikanmemerlukan / Good Management Practice / to management. But in practice, is still an elusive thing. Many education providers who argue that it is not an important thing, Some things to note related to management education, among others:

1. Target Education: Aspects of affectiveOne major issue is the extent to which educational success rate afektifitas owned by the students, is becoming more pious, virtuous character, a sense of civic responsibility and nationality. This is the challenge that must be addressed by education.

2. Management GuruUntil now, the teacher as one of the most important educational resource is undermanaged or even mismanaged. Educational leadership in general still see the teacher as a factor of production. Whereas management teacher, is a very important thing for the success of an education.

3. Increased OversightIn educational management, oversight functions seem weakest position. There are many aspects related to educational achievement that still escapes scrutiny.

4. Education ManagerSuccessful management of education can not be separated from the role of manager / manager education. During this dual role that many are run by educational component, such as a head teacher position educational institutions. Cost efficiency is often used as an excuse, although very different from the management affairs for schooling.

5. Participation Business ManagerIn improving management education, there is no harm for education providers to utilize the skills of business managers menajerial. Management functions management skills are universal and can be transferred from one field to another.

6. Alliances between schoolsAlliances between educational institutions could be a way to promote educational institutions, so as to learn from good management practice other educational institutions.

7. Government PolicyExternal factors such as government involvement in education also affect the management of education in the country. In short, management education is required by all parties concerned with education. However, its implementation was not as simple as one might imagine. There are many challenges and problems that must be faced, All parties must work together in order to resolve the problems of the educational ideals can be realized.

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