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As the world re-education has been accused of failing to build on the noble character of the students. So, as usual, soon appeared suggestions for improving the curriculum or the charge on the subject. But, when questioned before the problem was limited to the most distant subjects or curriculum structure, Ajip Rosidi and probably a lot of observers and actors of education, the more fundamental question. That is about the education system is still pointed at inheriting the colonial education system.

Recognized or not, the education system is run in Indonesia today is that the education system is secular-materialistic. When referred that the national education system was inherited colonial education system, the secular-materialistic character is the most important, which is evident in the loss of transcendental values ​​on all of the educational process.

The education system has failed to prove such a pious man who gave birth at the same time address the challenges of development through the mastery of science and technology. Institutionally, the secularization of education produces educational dichotomy which has been running dozens of years, ie between education "religion" on the one hand and public education on the other. Religious education through madrasah, religious institutes and schools run by the Ministry of Religious Affairs, while public education through primary, secondary and vocational schools as well as public colleges managed by the Ministry of National Education.Knowingly or not, developing assessment that education should be able to return the results of the investment that has been planted. Returns can be either degree, position, wealth or anything equivalent to the value of the material that has been removed. Religion is placed at a position that is very individual. Transcendental values ​​deemed inappropriate or unnecessary standards of assessment used as the attitudes and actions. The place has been replaced by the value of ethics in fact the material as well.

Secular education part of the Life Sekuuler
 Educational system-sekuleristik material is actually just a mere part of social life and state systems are also secular. In a secular system, the rules, the views and values ​​of Islam was never intentionally used to organize a variety of fields, including education. Islam, as the religion in the Western sense, just placed in individual affairs with his god alone. So, in the midst of sekuleristik system was born the various forms of order that is far from religious values. Ie capitalistic economic order, opportunistic political behavior, hedonistic culture, social life egoistic and individualistic, religious attitudes sinkretistik and materialistic paradigm of education.

Fundamental Solutions 
Materialistic education is the fruit of a life that proved sekuleristik have failed to deliver humans to figure a whole person, which is an al-Salih Abidu that Muslih. This is caused by two things.  

First, a false educational paradigm in which the secular life of the system, the principle of secular education as well. Educational goals set also is the fruit of understanding sekuleristik, namely a form of human-sensible man materialistic and individualistic round. 
Second, the functional weaknesses in implementing the three elements of education, namely (1) weakness in formal educational institutions as reflected in the curriculum as well as non-functioning mess of teachers and school / college as an educational medium, as appropriate, (2) do not support family life, and ( 3) the state of society which is not conducive.

Malfunction of teachers / lecturers and the destruction of the learning process of the role of teachers seem merely serves as a teacher in the process of knowledge transfer (transfer of knowledge), not as an educator who works in the transfer of knowledge and personality (transfer of personality), because the personality teacher / lecturer himself is no longer worth much imitated.

Weak oversight of the association of children and lack of role models in the attitude of parents towards their children daily, further compound the dysfunction as one element of educational workers. Meanwhile, people who should be a real educational media actually plays a role opposite result of the development of secular value system is evident from the arrangement of all aspects of life in the economic, political, including daily interaction system that is free and indifferent to religious norms; News -news in the mass media tend to propagate negative things like pornography and violence, as well as the scarcity of role models in the community. Weaknesses in elements of the family and society is ultimately more diverse inject negative impact on students. So what happens then is the synergy effect of the negative personal protégé.

Therefore, completion of the basic problems of education should be fundamentally anyway, and it can only be manifested by Therefore, the completion of the basic problems of education should be fundamentally anyway, and it can only be manifested by overall improvement beginning of change paradigm of secular education into Islamic paradigm. While at the level of derivation, the three factors above weakness resolved by improving its functional strategies in accordance with the directives of Islam. 

Level of solutions on paradigmatic

Paradigmatically, education must be returned in the Islamic faith principles that will be the basis for determining the direction and purpose of education, curriculum and standards as well as the value of science teaching and learning process, including the determination of the qualifications of teachers / lecturers and school culture / campus that will be developed. Though the effect is not as big as the other elements of education, provision of facilities and infrastructure should also refer to the above principle.Seeing the condition of the current educational objective, a necessary step is the optimization of the processes of formation of the Islamic personality (shakhsiyyah Islamiyya) and mastery tsaqofah Islam and improve the teaching of science-technology and expertise as well as by managing the existing ontology, epistemology and axiology of science that is based on Islamic values, as well as integrating all three.) 

Solutions on Level of Functional Strategies
 Integral education must involve three elements executor: the family, school / college and the community. Poor children's education at home gives heavy burden to the school / college and increase the complexity of issues in the community. Meanwhile, the situation of poor people obviously make the values ​​that may have been successfully implanted in the family and school / college to be less optimal. Moreover, if the education received in school is a bad idea, it was complete destruction of the three pillars of education.In view of the Islamic educational system, all elements of executive education should be a positive influence to the students so that the direction and goals of education are supported and achieved together, not ideal conditions as described above must be addressed.

Functional strategic solutions are virtually identical to initiate an alternative education system bersendikan in two ways that are more strategic and functional, namely: 

First, build a flagship institution in which all the component-based paradigm of Islam, namely: (1) curriculum paradigmatic, (2) teachers / lecturers are professional, trustworthy and kafa'ah, (3) in Islamic teaching and learning process, and (4) the environment and culture of the school / campus that is conducive to achieving optimal educational purposes. By optimizing the teaching and learning process as well as to minimize the negative influences that exist, and at the same time increase the positive influence on the students, are expected to influence exerted on private students is positive in line with the directives of Islam. 

Second, the wide open spaces of interaction with families and communities so that they can be instrumental role in supporting the educational process. Positive synergy of factors influence school education / campus - family - community is what will make a personal protégé fully formed according to the will of Islam.Departing from the above explanation, the flagship educational institution to realize is there are at least four components that must be prepared to support the follow solusif as conceived, the paradigmatic preparation of curriculum, teaching systems, infrastructure and resource teachers / lecturers.

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