Elements of Education

Introduction to Education: Elements of Education
 Here are the elements of a complete education.

In the educational process involves many things, namely: 
  1.  Subjects who guided (learners).Learners status as subjects students. Modern view tends called so because learners (without of age) was the subject of an autonomous or private, who wants to be acknowledged. As a person who has a typical and autonomy, he wants to develop themselves (educate yourself) a continuous basis in order to solve the problems encountered throughout his life 
  2. People who are guiding (educators).Educator is the person who is responsible for the implementation of the educational goals of learners. Educational experience of learners in the three environments that family environment, school environment, and the community. Because it is responsible for the education of parents, teachers, leaders of learning programs, training, and community / organization. 
  3. The interaction between learners and educators (educational interaction).Educational interaction is basically a mutual communication between learners and educators are directed to educational purposes. Optimal education goals pursued through an intensive process of communicating with memanifulasikan contents, methods and educational tools. The direction in which the guidance is intended (educational purposes). 
  4. The purpose of education is abstract because it contains values ​​that are abstract. Thus general purpose, ideal, and abortion is very widespread that it is difficult to implement in practice. While education should be measures aimed at learners in certain circumstances, a particular place and a particular time by using certain tools. 
  5. The effect of the guidance provided in (educational materials).Schooling in the education system, the material has been mixed in the curriculum that will be presented as a means of achieving goals. This material covers the core material as well as local content. National core material that contains mission control and unity of the nation. While the mission of developing local content rich culture diversity according to environmental conditions. 
  6. The method used in the guidance (tools and methods).Tools and methods of education are two sides of one coin. Saw its kind tool while the method see efficiency and effectiveness. Tools and methods defined as anything that is done or held intentionally to achieve educational goals. 
  7. The event takes place guidance (environmental education).Regular education environment education center is called tri families, schools and communities.

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