Objectives and Process Education

Introduction to Education - Educational Objectives and Process 

A description of the education goal values ​​are good, noble, worthy, true, and beautiful for life. Therefore, the purpose of education has two functions, namely to give direction to all educational activities and is something to be achieved by all educational activities.

As a component of education, the purpose of education occupy an important position among the other educational components. It can be said that all the components of all educational activities carried out solely directed to or intended for the achievement of these goals. Thus, activities that are not relevant to these objectives are considered deviant, not functional, even wrong, so it must be prevented occurrence. Here we see that the purpose of education is normative, ie an element of coercive norms, but it does not conflict with the development of learners as well as socially acceptable as the value of a good life.

In relation to the objective function is very important that, then a must for educators to understand. Educators lack of understanding of the purpose of education can lead to misunderstandings in the implementation of education. Such symptoms by Langeveld called one theoretical (Umar Tirtarahardja and La Sula, 37: 2000). 
The education process is mobilizing activity of all components of education by educators focused on achieving educational goals. How the educational process is carried out largely determine the quality of the education goals. Quality of the educational process implicated in two aspects, namely the quality of the components and quality management. Both terms are interdependent of each other. Although reasonably good components, such as the availability of infrastructure and facilities as well as considerable cost, is also supported by the achievement of a reliable management objectives will not be achieved optimally. Similarly, if management is good but in a state of deprivation, will lead to results that are not optimal.

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