Primary School Education

One of the very common sense education proposed by Driyarkara (1980) which states that education is an attempt to humanize the young man. Appointment of a young man to the human level to be realized in the whole process or educational efforts.

Level of educational units considered basic education is elementary school. In this school the students through the process of education and learning. And, in general terms we can say primary school as an educational institution that organizes the basic education and further education processes underlying. Education was organized for the children who have seven-year-old with the assumption that the child's age and level of understanding of the need to have an appropriate education to him. Primary education is organized to provide basic knowledge, attitudes and skills for students. Primary education was then developed to improve the quality of the students themselves. We should understand the definition of elementary school in order to follow every event held at this level. Although, we are identifying early childhood education (ECD), but at least they put forward to train children to socialize with friends and community, not to participate in education and learning that leads to understanding of knowledge.

Basic Education goals 
With regard to the operational objectives of elementary education, stated in the Basic Education Curriculum which gives stock basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic, basic knowledge and skills that are beneficial to students in accordance with the level of development, as well as prepare them to participate in education in junior high. Elementary education goals can be described in detail, as follows:
  • Provide Bekal Ability Reading, Writing, and Numeracy.
  • Provide basic knowledge and skills that are beneficial to students according to their level of development.
  • Preparing Students to Pursue Education in Junior High.

As a Primary School Primary Education

 Understanding elementary school can be regarded as underlying activity three basic aspects, namely knowledge, attitudes, and skills. The third aspect is the basis or foundation of most primary education. This is because all three of these aspects is the most essential thing in life. We need an attitude-a positive attitude to life so that our life smoothly. We also need the basic knowledge that every time interacting not miss the information. And, no less important is the skill. In elementary school, debriefing activities are given for six consecutive years. At this point the students are conditioned to behave as well as possible. Understanding elementary schools as educational base should really be understood by everyone so that they can follow a pattern of education. Obviously, in this case, education and learning activities promote the foundation for subsequent activities. Without a basic education, of course, difficult for us to grasp new concepts at a higher level.


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