Best Quality of Education in the World

Finland: Countries with the best quality education in the world!

"The mediocre teacher Tells,The good teacher Explains,The superior teacher demonstrates,THE GREAT TEACHER inspires! "(William Arthur Ward)
Do you know which country is the quality of education was ranked first in the world? The answer is: Finland. The quality of education in the country with the capital Helsinki, is indeed remarkable that the envy of all teachers in the whole world.

The world number one earned Finland based on a comprehensive international survey in 2003 by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The test known as PISA, measuring the ability of students in Science, Reading, and Mathematics. Remarkably, Finland not only excelled academically but also excel in the education of children mentally weak. Briefly, Finland managed to make all the smart students! So what is the key to Finland being the country with the world's number one education quality?

Finland is not boost students by increasing the hours of study, giving extra homework load, the army discipline, or bombard students with a variety of tests. In contrast, students in Finland start school at a rather slow compared to other countries, ie at the age of 7 years, and at school they are even fewer, only 30 hours per week. Compare with Korea, ranking second after Finnlandia, the students spend 50 hours per week.

So what is the key?

It turns out the key lies in the quality of teachers!

Finnish teachers are allowed teachers with the best quality with the best training anyway. Teaching profession itself is highly valued profession, even though their salaries are not too big. Best high school graduates usually just apply for admission in schools of education, and only 1 of 7 applicants can be accepted. The level of competition is more intense than get into a prestigious school such as law or medical school! Compare that with Indonesia, which the teachers have only modest quality and is the result of a college education with quality sober anyway.

With good quality students and quality education teacher training, no one if they become teachers with extraordinary quality. With these qualifications and competencies they are free to use whatever method they like class, with which they design their own curriculum and text books of their own choosing. If other countries believe that the testing and evaluation for students is a very important part for the quality of education, they actually believe that exams and tests that are destroying students' learning goals. Too much testing makes teachers tend to teach students just to pass the test, said a teacher in Finland. Though many aspects of education that can not be measured with a test. At the age of 18 years old students taking the exam to determine their qualifications in colleges and two-thirds of graduates go on to college.

Students are taught to evaluate themselves, even since Pre-Kindergarten! It helps students learn responsibility for their own work, said Sundstrom, elementary school principal in Poikkilaakso, Finland. If students are responsible, they are freer because bekeja teachers should not always control them. Students are encouraged to work independently with their own trying to find the information they need. Students learn more when they find themselves the information they need. We do not learn anything if we just write down what is said by the teacher.

In Finland teachers do not teach by lecture method. School atmosphere is very relaxed and flexible. Too many command will only result in depression and learning becomes fun. Students who later received intensive support either by the teacher or other students. It is also what makes a successful Finland. Based on the PISA findings, schools in Finland is very little difference between the students who are doing well and the bad.

Remedial is not considered a sign of failure but as an opportunity to improve. A teacher in charge of student learning problems danprilaku create an individualized program for each student with emphasis on the objectives to be achieved, for example: First, go to class; later showed up on time; Next, bring books, etc.. If it gets PR students do not even need to answer correctly, as long as they try.

The teachers are very avoid criticism of their students' work. According to them, if we say "You're wrong" on students, then it would make a shy student. And if they are ashamed then this will hinder them in learning. Each student is allowed to make mistakes. They just asked to compare their results with previous values, and not with the other students. So there is no ranking system-rankingan. Each student is expected to be proud of him respectively. Ranks only makes teachers focus on a handful of students that are considered best in its class.

The greatness and the success of the education system in Finland is a combination of high teacher competence, patience, tolerance and commitment to success through personal responsibility. If I fail to teach a student, a teacher, then that means there's something wrong with my teaching!

That's really saying a very responsible teacher.

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