Tuition in Australia's Most Expensive in the World

When you decide to study abroad, it is not only the cost of education is a major consideration, but also have to think about how the cost of living while studying there.

Cost of living ranging from shelter, meals, and other needs outside of college is an important concern in addition to the cost to the college itself.

Australia is in the top spot for the most expensive cost study destination in the world. At least one foreign students have to spend more than 42,300 Australian dollars each year just for tuition.

Not to mention the high taxes and high cost of living in Australia, land of the Kangaroo makes it the country with the most expensive study destination.

Analysis of the costs of foreign students living here, ranging from the cost of travel, accommodation, visa, insurance, and the cost of meals.

Under Australia, there is the United States with an average cost of 39,200 dollars Austrlia (USD35.700) a year. Followed by the UK with 33,300 Australian dollars (Rp345 million).

Although tuition fees in Australia and the United States do not differ much, but the cost of living in Australia each year not less than 14,400 Australian dollars or equivalent. Even the cost of studying in Germany is only one-sixth of the total cost in Australia, with the average cost of living each year 6,900 Australian dollars.

Not surprisingly, universities in Australia showed a decrease in the number of foreign students who study there in recent years. This year, a 2.2 percent decline in new admissions in Australia and 12 percent of the 2009-2012 total.

Easing visa will increase the number of foreign students who want to enroll in Australian universities. Australian dollar exchange rate is low and the ease visa will position Australia as a top destination for foreign students.

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