Relationship between Educational Technology and Learning Methodology

The word technology is often understood by the layman as something a machine or matters relating to engineering, but real educational technology has a broader meaning, as educational technology is a combination of elements from the human, machine, ideas, procedures, and management (Hoba , 1977) then it will be more clear understanding with the understanding that the essence of technology is the application of scientific or other organized knowledge into practical tasks (Galbraith, 1977). The existence of the technology must be understood as an attempt to improve the effectiveness and efficiency and technology can not be separated from the problem, because the technology was born and developed to solve the problems faced by humans. In this regard, the educational technology can also be viewed as a product and process (Sadiman, 1993).

As an educational technology products easy to understand because it is more concrete such as radio, television, projector, OHP, and so on. As an abstract process of educational technology. In this case educational technology can be understood as a complex process, and involves the integrated, procedures, ideas, devices, and organization for analyzing problems, finding ways to solve problems, implement, assess, and manage the problem solving that covers all aspects of human study. (AECT, 1977). In line with this, the birth of educational technology born of the problems in education pendidikan.Permasalahan sticking this time, include equal opportunity to education, quality improvement / quality, relevance, and efficiency of education. Serious problems which are still being felt by education ranging from primary education to higher education is a matter of quality, of course this can be solved through educational technology approach.

There are three basic principles in educational technology as a reference in the development and utilization, namely: a systems approach, student-oriented, and use of learning resources (Sadiman, 1984:44). The principle of system approach means that the provision of education and learning necessary diseain / design using a systems approach. In designing learning-llangkah necessary procedural steps include: problem identification, analysis of the situation, identification of objectives, learning management, determination methods, evaluation of instructional media establishment (IDI models, 1989). Beratri student-oriented principles that learning should focus on learners taking into account the characteristics, interests, potentials of the students. Principle use of learning resources in learning means students should be able to take advantage of learning resources to access the knowledge and skills that dibutuhkannya.Satu thing again that educational technology is a field that emphasizes the aspects of student learning. The success of learning is done in one activity pendidiakan is how students can learn, by identifying, developing, organizing, and using all kinds of learning resources. Thus efforts to approach problem solving in educational technology is to utilize learning resources. This is in accordance with the terms of the alteration is characterized by educational technology into learning technology.

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