The Concept of Lifelong Education

That man is a creature that grows and develops . He wants to reach an optimal life . During barusaha to improve human life , both in improving and developing the knowledge , personality , and skills , consciously or unconsciously , then as long as that education still continues.

Education is a lifelong education principle suitable for the people who live in the world of transformation , and in the interplay of society such as globalization era . Every human being is required to continuously adjust itself to the new situation .

Lifelong education is the answer to the criticisms leveled at the school . School systems have traditionally had difficulty in adjusting to life changes very quickly in the last century , and can not meet the needs or human tutuntutan increased. Education in schools is limited to the level of education from childhood to adulthood , would not meet the requirements needed growing world . Ever-changing world requires a flexible system . Education must remain engaged and recognize continuous innovation .

According to the concept of lifelong education , educational activities are considered as a whole . The entire education sector is an integrated system . This concept must be adapted to the reality and needs of the communities concerned . A society that has been developed will have different needs to people who have not been developed . If the people of a nation are by and large still a lot of illiteracy, then attempt pemeberantasan illiteracy among adults receive priority in the system of lifelong education . However , in industrialized countries that have advanced rapidly , the problem of how to fill your free time will get attention in this system .

Education is not only taking place in schools . Education will begin shortly after the child's birth and will last until the man died , he was able to receive all the influences . Therefore , the education process will take place in the family , school and community .

The family is the first and main environment for the development of an individual as well as a foundation stone of the child's personality . Children's education is obtained primarily through the interaction between parent - child . In interacting with their children , parents will demonstrate certain attitudes and treatment as the realization of education for their children .

Education in schools is a continuation in the family . School is an institution where the second socialization process occurs after the family , thus affecting the child's personal and social development . Formally organized school . At school children will learn what is in life , in other words, schools should reflect the life around him . Therefore , schools should not be separated from the life and needs of the community in accordance with the development of culture. In the modern life like today , school is a must , because the demands required for the development of the child is not allowed to be served by the family . Materials provided in school is directly related to the development of children's personal , moral and religious values ​​contained , directly related to the development of science and technology , as well as skills development tertentuyang filling can be felt in the workforce .

Education in society is a form of education that was held outside of the family and the school . This form of education emphasizes on acquisition of knowledge and skills as well as practical that directly benefit the community life . Phillip H.Coombs ( Uyoh Sadulloh , 1994:65 ) suggests some form of education in society , among others : ( 1 ) Study equation for those who have never attended school or dropped out of school , (2 ) literacy program , (3 ) babysitting pre-school and child care , (4 ) farm youth groups ; ( 5 ) sport and recreation associations , and ( 6 ) skill courses .

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