Facing the World of Work After the Bachelor

Every student, including my dream of going to graduate according ideals. After graduate, does that mean struggle and quite tiring long journey as a student is over? The answer of course is "NO". New challenges confronting definitely my step after earning a bachelor's degree. Challenges that are not less great when I was in college, the challenge that demands high intellectual readiness and steel-minded. How not, for there will I be confronted with considerable responsibility. That's where I will apply or practice the knowledge acquired since attending college, and to prove the purity of GPA results I get with a degree of quality shows to the public. It is certain, scrumptious blend feels proud when arriving at graduation time, and it will also be felt by both parents and friends lainnya.Setelah it when there is no shadow will be what it will be, then the pleasure and pride that receded and gave way to anxiety and nervousness prolonged. This happens because the degree of confusion that entered the round with anxiety, at that time he began to wonder to himself, "So this is my future? Can I compete among thousands of job seekers, and if it does not pass the selection in a job market like this dikemanakan yourself? "It was just a question, not to mention the other questions that start to develop in his mind, which eventually brought him so pessimistic menyosong future.

Holds a bachelor's degree is not a light thing, because in the eyes of a scholar means human society that has more value than any other human. Automatically, people's perception of me that I was able to do and useful for private, state and nation. But in fact now, not a few people with a college degree was not able to do more in accordance with the expectations of society. Even some who have not able to do anything about it.
Why is that? The answer is certainly diverse: the opportunity factor, prestige factors, psychological factors, and other factors that are considered influential. While too difficult for ordinary people to accept and understand the reasons commonly put forward and even without discredit reluctant to respond with a bachelor's degree who have not been able to do anything. At this point weighed into a person with a bachelor's degree.

To get a job for a new graduate is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, this was due to the swelling number of scholars each year. Under conditions of uncertainty or uncertain, a scholar demanded to take other alternatives in terms of employment in order to avoid the negative spotlight of the public in denying unemployment intellect. However, the readiness is there for him for that? In this case, this is where the need for far-away before scholars to equip themselves with knowledge and other skills outside of the scope of your scholarship. As a backup to all possibilities that could happen. And there is no harm in having a wide range of knowledge and skills of others, quite the contrary actually getting better as a support to succeed in the future. For example, try a small-time entrepreneur when future students can hone the ability to attract consumers. Skills that can be used later.

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