Earn Your Master's Degree Online Without Classroom

This is one form of a new model of tuition. By just clicking the mouse on an e-mail attachment, a professor of social sciences from the Faculty of Political Science, Univeristy Kent, Ohio, United States, Joe Drew, will appear on the computer screen. He then greeted the students like a regular occurrence in the lecture hall. In fact, the students actually are in the comfort of their own homes. Drew himself there in his office, which may be many miles away from home students.

Video e-mails in an online classroom program, just one technological development that made Joe Drew. Drew hopes to help establish a community of master's degree students to study Public Administration, Faculty of Political Science, University of Kent, via the Internet (online).

Through online classes, students who have completed courses at the bachelor level, Drew can attend classes online at the master's level. Obviously, the title is obtained a master's degree.

Master's degree through online education can be achieved by any person. Especially, those who do not have much free time as employers, parents who care for their children without the help of babby sitter, or the people who have a disability. "For years we tried to expand access to education for groups of people," Drew said as quoted by The Daily Kent Stater, a newspaper in Ohio.

Through a long research, Drew found that education through the internet is the most effective and easy way to distribute lectures materials remotely. He began to formulate his ideas for getting the online master of education program within 39 months.

Drew admits not able to describe it properly, what motivated him to realize new ideas in the education world. He just mempu felt that what he did was right, and can be useful for many people. "This is not just a matter of education alone, but also an ethical responsibility issues of education itself," said Drew.

To enhance his online education site, Drew worked with New Media Services, a multimedia agency in the U.S.. Liz Wyglendowski, an English professor who also works as a web designer in New Media Services, be the first to design a website design Drew. The design of the earliest as well as a project undertaken for the site.

Drew also studied various models and examples of what programs to create a dream. However, Wyglendowski stated that the project is a new thing for both of them. If there are deficiencies, the project is still labeled as a pioneer of online education to earn a master's degree. "This program will also be used by ten professors. That means, we had to ask for their input, "said Wyglendowski regard to the difficulty of making the perfect online education sites.

Website design was completed before the start of classes in the spring of 2001. While Wyglendowski began distributing lecture materials Drew, last May. "I'm the only person who worked behind the scenes to bring this site on the internet," said Wyglendowski.

Currently, Drew has published his new program. Drew admits will start doing the practice field and repair any seusuatu that inhibit the educational program, this semester also. Drew has also sent information on its website to more than 2,000 institutions in the U.S. and other government agencies.

According to Drew, a research has shown, people learn things in the same amount through many media. Key to getting the best education, Drew said, is to use and improve existing educational technologies.

In addition, the main thing in determining the quality of education is quality teachers. That applies to the education system in the room or outside the classroom. "The assumption, which turn the pengajarlah 'spirit' of a class, not the teacher's own existence. However, sometimes, a lot of people forget that, "Drew said with a tone of regret.

The main difference from regular class community with a community of online classes is that the community members online classes will not feel a part of a classroom community. Drew hopes that these shortcomings can be perfected with 'menginstitusikan' video e-mail.

Another technology that will be incorporated into the site is Drew access to graphics, as well as lectures broadcast 'live' on compact disc. Drew expects the program perfectly in 10 months. This site, please Drew, can be used as an example for other faculty at the University of Kent, Ohio, to create the same program.

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