Country With The Best Education In the World

Finland has been to the country ? A small country in Europe with the capital Helsinki , which is better known as the world's top mobile phone products , Nokia . And it turns out is the country with the best education quality ranking first in the world , not the United States , Germany or Japan . Even the United States ranks only 17th .

These results were obtained through a national survey in 2006 by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development ( OECD ) . The organization conducted a survey through a test called PISA ( Programme for International Student Assessment ) which measures the ability of students in science , mathematics and reading . What's more amazing , this country not only have the advantage in the academic field , but also can successfully educate children become mentally weak academically smart and intelligent . So , what makes Finland the number one ranked country in the world ?

Finnish education budget is not as big as other countries in Europe . Students here are not given extra hours to learn , such as in Indonesia are closer examination there are always extra hours studying . No military-style discipline , not drilled students with a variety of tests and the average hours of study in Finland only 30 hours per week , far less than South Korea , which is ranked second with an average of 50 hours students spend studying per week . Students in Finland starting school age 7, age slower than other countries .

Finland continues what the key to success in organizing the education system ? The answer lies in the students' independence and quality of the teacher ( Guru ) . The teachers here have to have the quality of curricula and training methods are best . Keluasaan and teachers are given the freedom to develop curriculum methods at will . Although teachers' salaries are not too high or not enough, but the teaching profession in Finland is highly respected and appreciated by the government and the public , besides teaching is a prestigious career in Finland . The process to become a teacher is also very tight , after graduating from high school , the best prospective students directly enroll in the faculty of education . And received only 1 to 7, or just the best fit to enter at prospective teacher education faculty . Not just end there , to be admitted to a teacher , have to get in the top 10 rankings in the faculty of education .

If other countries including Indonesia to implement a variety of test and evaluation of test scores to determine the quality of education , Finland does not. The education system in this country does not recognize national exams even semester exams . Each student is tested only for subjects who mastered course and exam schedules given in accordance with the wishes of the students . In other words teachers give special autonomy to each student . Making learning atmosphere so relaxed and flexible , there is no sense of pressure . And students who will later receive more intensive support .

With this system of Finland managed to be at the top of a very successful country in managing the national education system . Drop out or failure rate ranges from only 2 percent per year. The Finnish government has never intervened curriculum system made ​​by the teacher . Because the teacher is solely responsible for the formulation of the curriculum . The teachers are also not burdened with a target to complete the lesson material , but the lesson material tailored to the needs of each individual student . Anyone Finnish president and minister of education , though always changing , it will not affect the education system . Unlike in Indonesia , changing education minister also changed the curriculum , to the textbook . Because the real function of government is to promote education in terms of legality and financial course .

This system is the teachers there are very profitable , because it is not affected by the political atmosphere of whatever is happening in his administration . Finnish government implemented free education for 12 years . There is no such elementary and junior high school in Indonesia , but 12 years passed immediately received high school diploma equivalent . If in Indonesia each dressing change lesson teacher , then in Finland , each class will be filled by 3 teachers and never changed . Two teachers work as a subject teacher while another teacher as a supervisor and mentor courses . So for 12 years , 3 teachers who always accompany us learn . Such a long time to make the teacher has to understand the character of the students. Teachers are also prohibited from criticizing the work of their students , as it will make the students embarrassed . If wrong , the students were asked to compare it to her previous value , not compared to other students' grades .

What about the situation of education in Indonesia ? It is very much different , our national education still interfered with domestic political affairs . National Final exams are used as a benchmark graduation , instead make students depressed . There are even schools that kept police and CCTV installed at the exam , obviously very disturbing psychological students . Each before the exam and the national exam the semester , students burdened with homework assignments are piling up , which actually distract ahead of the exam as well as additional hours of study or tutoring which also drain energy even pockets of parents . That mirrors our education , students are not taught to be creative according to their will . Students too can be pressed without creativity .

Returns the position of a respected teacher at the time of our parents as first seems to be a good first step . In the Javanese language teacher digugu lan imitated . Let the teacher formulate its own curriculum without government interference . Gratiskan education costs . Pos teachers should also be filled from the best graduates , instead of temporary employees who only capital flight hours alone . Teachers should not only demand salary rise each year , but also make sure the performance is good . The low quality of education will only produce young people who like to brawl , rah - rah and add to unemployment . Students who brawl is the cause of psychological distress in the class , finally vent their suppressed by brawl . Pressure only to produce good grades simply via the national exams should be eliminated . Although UAN has a good purpose , a passing grade , but judging by the above data we already know which one is more qualified , between learning by pressure or learning fun .

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