Relevance of Education with the World of Work

Relevance is like a square peg in a round hole put. What happened? The peg will never fit into the hole because the shape is not appropriate.

If we want to create acceptable peg round hole, we should adjust the wedge shape is round anyway. Conversely, when in fact it is a square hole, we do not have to make a round peg shape.

Unfortunately 'the square peg in the round hole' this is what happens in our education. In addition to many majors or programs that are not relevant expertise to the world of work requires, the more concern is the irrelevance of the quality of education with employment requirements.

Indications to see ketidakrelevansian between education and the real world of work can be seen easily by the layman. That is, by looking at the large number of unemployed intellectuals today. Whether we can fully blame the working world numbers are not comparable to the work force continues to rise each year? Perhaps, it's just one of the reasons!

In fact, there are many jobs or positions within the company that are not filled because there are no graduates / out put education that could fill it. Criteria and requirements demanded nothing can be met. Consequently to obtain necessary labor, the company was not uncommon to have to do the 'hijacking' of labor (hijacking of man power). Is not that the real could be an indication of no relevance or lack of it?

Factors that cause disparities number of job seekers and employment
To address the gap between user requirements (user / world of work) with the provider (supplier / education), have seen three (3) main things are the cause.

01. Employment growth is small
This factor is the factor most easily seen. The gap between the number of graduates with jobs are not comparable. The number of graduates each year growing, while the number of job vacancies rose no how, even stagnant. The solution is often heralded is creating new jobs.

The question is, how we can increase the job opportunities that do not support the business climate as it is today?

02. Irrelevance Department / expertise
This means that the gap between the majors / skill in the world of education with the world of work. It could be in the majors two decades ago put out his much absorbed by the market, is now over-flooded. The cause is due to the shifting direction of the business and technology development. If this condition is not observed, it is definitely a gap that will be growing wider. The solution is to reduce the education department over-quota and opening a new department that more needed workforce.

03. Low education quality
This factor is a factor which is hard to see. Our education is still a priority to formal proof sheet diploma. Represented by a certificate of competence. Unfortunately, competence is often not represented there. How could a person who holds a diploma tehnika outboard boat engine competence over that campus alone away from the port and he had never seen the physical machine itself. It is doubtful if the out put of such education can fill the needs of the work that requires technical competence of ship engines.

Due to irrelevance of education with the world of work
There are some efforts made by businesses to obtain competent workforce. One way is to hijack power from other companies. Profits, the company will be ready to use force to obtain competent. Disadvantages, such experts in addition to demanding high salaries also adequate facilities and opportunities jejang career wide open.

Another way is a lot more done with the recruitment of new graduates (fresh graduate). Specialized skills, companies typically recruit graduates with the appropriate field. For the manpower requirements of a general nature, recruitment usually received from all departments / disciplines. Profits, companies get cheap labor but should provide training, guidance and counseling.

Because of the difficulty of getting a job, more and more people are working 'deviate' from the disciplines studied. Many use this opportunity as a 'stepping stone', others pursue this job until retirement.

Where to begin?
A peg that does not fit with the hole not unlike that little piece of wood twigs boondoggle. However, small pegs right shape and size will be able to unite the pieces of wood that make up a chair or table.

So it is with our education. Role that education can have weeks to shape the future of this nation, education must be aligned with the needs of physical development and human development seutuhnya.Pendidikan must be pursued in order to produce output that cautious, knowledgeable, berketramilan, and act superior.

Government, providers and education experts do not need to insist with intellectual snobbery. They must be willing to sit down with the business to design an educational system that can accommodate a variety of interests. The education system should be designed within the framework based on the personal development of students, without prejudice to the interests of the business community will receive its output.

Ciputra University in Surabaya, which focuses on entrepreneurial spirit, may be used as an example of how educational institutions are able to meet the challenges of today. When employment is getting narrower, need akternatif opposite by creating employment opportunities. And this is the world of entrepreneurship.