Characteristics of American Education

The United States is the third highest population in the world, totaling approximately 275 million people and consists of 50 states. It covers an area of ​​approximately 9.5 million square kilometers.

United Nations consists of the nations of emigrants from various regions of the world, especially from Europe as the dominant part. Old immigration came from Northern and Western Europe such as England, Scotland, France, Holland, Germany and so on, followed by a young immigration from southern and eastern Europe such as Italy, Russia, Poland, Austria, Hungary and others. Each nation brings beliefs, customs, language and cultural aspects of each to the United States so that a melting pot for all kinds of native and immigrant cultures of the African continent. That shaped American culture now.

Since most Americans came from European immigrants, it is certainly a growing tradition in American education is the educational tradition of European nations who are immigrating. In place of the German people immigrated, his schools supervised by the church at church meetings. In the New Netherland surveillance conducted by church officers and in some places by a certain group of people. Supervision of schools by individuals through meetings and the church officials who continue to be maintained by the immigrants, the cause of the onset of the responsibility for the schools ultimately borne by the local community.

Geographic and demographic characteristics described above resulted in the American population varies. For example, the State of Alaska is the most spacious but has a small population numbers. While the state of Rhode Island that has a small area but the extent of having a large number of people in the United States
Major cities such as New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles are places the concentration of the unemployed, the poor, those who can not speak English and the minority accompanied by social economic issue. Another demographic problem is the lack of people engaged in agriculture, about 50% of the population worked as a clerk to the professor forces. The number of women has increased while the unemployment rate is relatively high.

In the administration of President Ronald Reagon began funding reductions as well as the federal government's intervention on education, and gave authority to the states. During this time the United States has managed to provide free education for 12 years and the relatively low cost of education at the tertiary level.

The main characteristics of the education system in the United States is very prominence of decentralization. The United States federal government has no mandate to control or providing education to the community. The federal government's rules and regulations regarding racial minority groups and people with disabilities. The Government also supports educational research. But the United States does not have a system-centered education. However, it does not mean that the federal government does not provide the direction and influence of the federal government on education issues also eliminate the separate school system schools based on race, particularly among blacks and whites Hitan. The federal government equalize school funding allocations, providing access to education for the poor and disabled.

The purpose of education system in America, among others:
to achieve unity in diversity
to develop and practice the ideals of democracy
to assist the development of the individual
to improve the social conditions of the community
to accelerate national progress