Main Reasons Why You Should Switch to E-book

1. E-book has made us to save space and time. The place where we store our book collection. Time being, we do not need to keep the books for fear must buy a new one when we lost books.

2. If we like to mark things that are important in the book but the fear of damaging or make a bad book because of graffiti, then the ebook reading device lets us mark the important things in the ebook without fear of making bad because of graffiti.

3. If a publisher sells a million copies with 250 pages per copy for a book title. That means the required 12,000 trees just to produce one of the titles alone (source: "How to Go Green: Books" by Cindy Katz and Jennifer Wilkov). That means we have a hand in the destruction of the environment, when reading a book.

4. If you feel the size of the letters in the e-book is too small, then the e-book reading devices allow us to altering the font size easily. So that there are no constraints due to the size of the letters.

5. With the e-book reading device we could subscribe to the newspaper or online magazine. So no need to wait for the newspaper deliveryman drove to our house.

6. We do not need to bother going to the bookstore because we just download the e-book online from home. This saves time for shopping and searching for books on the shelves of bookstores.

7. Will never run out of stock. Because e-books are available in digital form, so it will always be available at all times.

8. E-book reading devices do not require lighting while reading an e-book. Because it has been able to illuminate the display systems, so that we can save electrical energy.

9. Regarding the size and capacity file, e-book requires a small file so that the tool is a small e-book can hold thousands of ebooks. Imagine how easy it is to school because we simply take for novel devices that can store thousands of e-books.

10. We can save you money. E-book of course the price is much cheaper than the book. Because it does not require a power source and cost of large production.

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