Implementation Management System Education

Paradigm of the past management system implementation is identical to setting an activity related to the production or more widely known as the industrial society, but in line with the growing public awareness of the quality of an understanding of the process of the implementation of the management system is not only focused on the production of goods only , but also includes services.

One of the services which is becoming an important and often needs to be a major concern is the field of education, both in the form of schools, training institutions and skills or even a college though will also create a product for every process therein.

Educational institutions to create products that are highly intangible allow the space to pick the outcome variation is very high, because the inputs, processes and outputs involving multiple parties.

In order to maintain consistency in the preparation, processing and finalization of educational outcomes, then the ISO as an international organization, one of which focuses on the application of a quality issue specific guidance in the application of quality management systems specifically in the field of education, namely IWA 2: 2007.

Although not an objective standard that can be used as a certification organization, but these standards can help organizations to better understand the design of education and minimum procedures in achieving a good education process and standardized internationally.

If the ISO 9001 quality management system as a parent know the term eight quality management principles, then the IWA 2: 2007 is added to the 4 key principles that are directly related to the purpose of education itself, among others: Creating value learning, focusing on social values​​, skills and independence.

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