Countries With the Best Education in the World

Quality of a country can be seen from his education. For the country, education is an investment because in the end the people who run the government will come from the education system they created. So no wonder some countries are so serious in determining the country's education system.

Facts prove that the developed countries must have a good education system. So even with the countries that used to be in good condition, began to rise in rank to gradually reorganize their educational systems.

And, if so, which countries excel in the education system? Here are 5 Countries with the Best Education in the World:

Finland. The education system in the country located at the tip of the European continent is very unique. Ranging from the free educational costs, the lack of uniform and UN, belonging to the learning atmosphere is relaxed and informal. Nevertheless, Finland became the best country in the world in terms of its educational system. The key, they just pick the best people to become teachers and the love of reading to their citizens apply early.

Canada. North American country is known to have high standards and quality education. There are many reasons for that. Among other things, Canada issued a large budget, every year, to fund education. The state also requires each county in the country to take responsibility for their own educational system. In addition, although not free, the cost of living and education in Canada tend to be lower than in Europe and North America other. Therefore, the country is often the choice of students follow through scholarly study. Stabilitias this country in the fields of politics, to occupy a high ranking in the Global Peace Index and the United Nations Human Development Index, is an important factor both in education and the rapid growth of the country.

China. Some areas in China have a quality higher education. The area is particularly Shanghai and Hong Kong, which has a high ranking in the PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment), a program to study the performance of children aged 15 years were carried out by the OECD, an organization that houses the development of the world economy.

South Korea. Education in the State Ginseng is also recorded rapid growth. Technology being the main points in the educational development of this country. One of the implementations that South Korea became the first country to provide high-speed Internet access service for students in elementary school, middle, and upper.

New Zealand. New Zealand was ranked 7th in PISA 2009. While based education index announced by Human Development Index (HDI) of the United Nations 2008, New Zealand ranked highest with several other countries, such as Denmark, Finland, and Australia. One key to the success for compulsory education in this country was given to children aged 6 to 16 years free of charge.


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