Education In Singapore

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Education in Singapore
Styled like An orchestra

WHAT to expect residents of an educational system? For the layman

though certainly know that all it takes is at least curriculum
good, good teachers, adequate facilities, and low cost, if you can.
Then the rest is probably the conducive environment, competitiveness
high, as well as all the other aspects that are outside the school room.

SEEM it is available in Singapore. Comparison of the education system
in Singapore and Indonesia as the earth and sky it. Department
Singapore Education (Ministry of Education) seem more
work and give great attention to the development of education than
utilize education as a source of sustenance for persons or
employees of the department.

From primary school to university, for example, students are monitored
and directed to get the education that suits him. So, do not
all decent citizens or free admission in Singapore universities. For them

who does not deserve to go to university in Singapore, is free to choose
study abroad in accordance with the parent's ability, but not free
enter university in Singapore if not pass certain tests.

With a per capita income of more than 24,000 U.S. dollars per year,
Singapore is the richest in the world. However, Singapore is not
generalize that all citizens must be able to. School fees in Singapore
relatively inexpensive. What is needed is beyond tuition costs as
supporting the smooth schools, transportation, books, and more.
For families who can not afford, the government provides scholarships if
necessary. It is provided to ensure that poverty is not an obstacle to

Although the car is not an issue for most people in Singapore, for
smooth transport children available various modes
transportation, ranging from MRT, combined with a series of city buses that have access to
all schools. For transportation to and from the Nanyang Technological
University (NTU), for example, there are various bus lines that divide
entrance to the university complex in Jurong.

What else? Classrooms, library, cafeteria, and place
relax is also available. The classrooms are clean and organized can make students
see the teacher or professor and vice versa lecturer or teacher can monitor
all of their students. Classroom equipped with equipment that allows teachers

done through a slide presentation that is inherent in every room
school and did not have to bother every time you make a presentation. Do
reluctant to eat in school canteens, kind enough, relatively healthy,
and cheaper.

Internet access to the classrooms are also available and free
simply by signing up to get the ID of schools and universities. Case
it was deliberately done to make students have easy access
obtain information. Sometimes the lesson material has also been on display in
Internet sites that make students can access on-line.

Lecturers and teachers in Singapore are also no less professional.
With relatively adequate salaries, the people turned to be a teacher. Not
all the teachers are from Singapore itself.

With a small population, just over 4 million people, Singapore
require a supply teacher. To that sometimes teachers come from
other countries. For the university level, for example, NTU and the National University of
Singapore (NUS) did not hesitate to offer higher salaries to match salaries in the
Harvard Business School. "We do have to compete and offer
considerable stimulus to be able to attract people who have
talents of the world, "said lecturer at NTU, Ang Wah Poo.

NTU lecturers, for example, not the least being the
great in their home country and then recruited as a lecturer in Singapore.

The problem, Singapore intends to establish itself as the central
world-class education, having managed to make himself as
pe excellent health care centers in Southeast Asia.

Activities at the university and in the schools is not limited to event
routine teaching and learning in classrooms. Appear almost every month
guest speakers of international caliber to bring new topics
found in the world.

Singapore government did not hesitate to bring in, for example, Michael
Porter, Philip Kottler, renowned management experts in the world, as well as
lecturers of international caliber that is expensive tariff but not Singapore
stingy about it.

So, in addition to gain knowledge, students are also given the enlightenment
attend free seminars but very high quality. Do not
Imagine presenting them as teachers or lecturers who
recruited to be a teacher just like P4 that makes us sleepy country
the New Order era.

Crazy again, schools, universities, and educational institutions in Singapore
do not stop glancing at the development of education in other countries. Hence,
emerged as an alliance between business schools and the Sloan School at NTU
of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Such an alliance was left alone stimulated by each
faculty. University only gave consent. Autonomy of each
faculty is made in such a high and left unable to think
self development. Matter of funding, it seems not to be
problem. NTU, for example, already has endowment fund of the government of 200
million Singapore dollars.

So, do not be surprised if NTU, NUS and Singapore Management University
easily build an alliance with Harvard University, the Wharton School, and
Other first-class universities in the U.S.. International cooperation
education is also done by many countries. However, the advancement of education in the U.S.
make Singapore more oriented to the U.S..

Singapore students often get the opportunity to
conducted a study tour to explore the world. For students who are able to be left
pay for itself, but to the university subsidy. However, for the
not capable of available scholarships that allow them to stay in the hotel,
such as the JW Marriott. Imagine, for example, over one and a half months of student
Graduate Fellowship at Nanyang MBA Programme lived in apartments
managed by JW Marriott in Boston.

So, the issue is not on the facilities and scholarships. Students stay
provide the time and inclination to learn to persevere without being bothered by
lack of funding.

Not only that, the Government of Singapore is not only willing to educate
citizens, but also willing to recruit prospective students and students of
neighboring countries and with the offer of scholarships and employment opportunities in
Singapore. Therefore, do not be surprised if there is a Malay residents of Padang to Klaten
learning in Singapore with assistance, including plane fare go
home during the holidays.

Singapore aware of the potential labor shortages. Intention Singapore
to offer scholarships not just to make them as energy in
Singapore one day. For students who return to work in the country
origin, at least expected to be people who know and love with
Singapore and Singapore could be the network at a later date.

Not only that, by inviting students from the outside, the Government
Singapore used to automatically create a citizens associate internationally when
still in school. That's according to position Singapore as a hub
regionally so that citizens do not become like the frog under the shell.

Speaking of syllabus and curriculum, the department of education in Singapore
works every time for evaluation. Each new development has always
inserted in the new syllabus.

So, that education in Singapore, not only provides a means
and a good infrastructure, but continued to perform up-dating of the years to
years. It was all done as the embodiment of the vision and mission of education in

Not only that, the climate of competition among families and communities in
Singapore became one of the key secrets of success in education
Singapore. Imagine, parents, colleagues, spouse, or boyfriend as "forcing" students
and students to become a champion or not at all. There are only
a champion of the people. However, with the principle that all men racing
get the best value and not infrequently a large number of students
have the same value of A it all.

What is the lack of education in Singapore? There is no comparison
with education in Indonesia, for example. Which may still be less
is the courage of students and student talk in the classroom and
question the veracity of the system of the state are not so free. Student
Singapore is not so talkative in class such as people. This is what
recognized by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (BG Lee). Freedom of expression is a nationally
Singapore turned out to have an impact on the style classes. So, now BG Lee
offers a new paradigm, namely freedom of speech.

You see, strange indeed if any student in the class must be friendly and
according. Is not education intends to seek the truth on that one,
including Singapore-style dictatorship that was started by former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew,
berkoak banning opposition-coax?


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