Children's Educational Articles

Good guidance of the parents will bring a positive impact to the development of children's education. If all parents in Indonesia have more knowledge about early child education, then education in Indonesia going forward and can score easy generation of healthy, intelligent and has a commendable character and morals.

One of the very attention to the development of early education for children is the religion of Islam. Children's education is very diutamkan and children are taught and inculcated early science, in order to have a provision in the future.

Education of children is not only necessary since the child was born, even while still in the womb the child's development has begun. Often we hear a lot of taboos that should not be done by pregnant women because it was feared when they are pregnant and do things that are not good to bring bad influence on the character of the child in the womb.

Ssebagian it might not long ago people did not believe the old people we have known some of the things that became taboo pregnant women, but if we think we old people used to beluum know about child development that is still in the womb. So from where they know these things? it turns out that they can from the knowledge of Islam that is very concerned and teach them how to care for and nurture the child begins in the womb until they are born. And in fact, it is argued, is not the child's education begins when the child is still in the womb tersbut but long before the child was conceived by his mother.

Character of children in general will not be far from both parents "no fruit falls from the tree" may be the most suitable proverb to describe it. So that the character, the nature, character and physical child will not be much different from both parents. Therefore, if you want to have children who have the character, nature, and good morals should be starting your own. When you have the nature, character and good morals Inshallah you will have offspring that have the nature, character and good morals as well. Never expect when you take an orange tree to be planted do not ever expect you would be able to pluck mangoes.

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