Relationships Technology and Education

One of the benefits of the technology are as a medium of education or learning. Yes, with the technology, education delivery system becomes more interesting. Concept learning systems with this technology we can meet at some amusement park or recreation area in Indonesia, one of which is in East Java Park 1 is located in the city of Malang. Here we can find a similar vehicle called the Science Centre Holiday Technology Chemistry & Biology. In this vehicle, there is a blend of science and technology with a variety of props available and can be directly used. There was also a vehicle or park Outdoor Physical Science Center is also presenting the physical sciences are packed with the latest technology. One of the props is enough to attract attention is the Van de Graff Generator. By touching the main cylinder Van de Graff generator, then the hair and feathers we will stand. How can that be? Van de Graff generator is composed of a metal dome, metal comb bottom and top, and a metal cylinder and cylinder polythene which is connected by rubber belts (set of Articles Technology | Technology Relations with Education)

It works by using electrical technology by passing an electric current that drives the motor and the generator. Consequently polythene cylinder rotating and moving the rubber belt and make it positively charged. Positive charge is then brought down to the metal comb darii metal comb up towards the top of the dome which makes the dome is also positively charged. Rubber belt keeps moving down again and repeat the same process. (Van de Graff Generator) This process continues to produce many positive electrical charge on the dome. This triggers our hair to stand if we hold the Van de Graff generator is. The props would make students become more interested in studying the science of electricity. Indirectly, students can enjoy the rides there as he knows the science of electric charge.

Relations with Educational Technology-existence rides science with technology like this course very effectively to support student learning. This is helpful so that students not only understand the theoretical knowledge they have learned, but also in terms of direct practice. In addition, students would be more enthusiastic and excited because the vehicles can also be used for refreshing and play. Rides is actually also not only appeal to children only among students, adults also can enjoy the sophistication of the technology combined with the science. And of course, the existence of these rides can be used as an alternative destination during holidays arrive because in addition to refreshing, we can also learn and adds to existing knowledge.

In addition to the existing rides in recreational, instructional media technology actually can be done in schools. The system can be done through the online learning system or interactive media. Learning system with this kind of technology has been implemented in several schools favorite.

Online system or E-Learning is probably the most frequently used. With these teachers do not have to come face to face with the students to present their materials. Enough sent a task via email or post information on the web, students will be able to open it on a computer with internet connection, both at school and at home. In addition, the role of social networking can not be underestimated. Social networks such as Facebook or Twitter can also serve as a knowledge sharing and discussion, so that learning is not only done at school.

As for the learning through interactive media, we could use the facilities LCD projectors using PDF files, Power Point presentations or Flash animation to convey the material being studied. Certainly students will not easily get bored with learning the system than when the teacher explains the material at length in front of the class. We can also use other multimedia devices such as video, music and animation to attract more students in learning activities.

Smart Technology For The Future of Education
(Learning with LCD projector technology)-The presence of vehicles of education and learning system based on this technology would make the learning process more interesting. Especially for vehicles of educational technology that will enhance the students will absorb knowledge learned. Yet to try the rides based education technology, the students had to visit him in the recreational park ticket prices are not exactly cheap. Besides its presence only in a few scattered big cities so that not all students can try.

New innovation needs to be done to overcome them by presenting the vehicles based on this technology in the schools or at least in every city. Maybe this will take a considerable expense, but sometimes large investments with the funds necessary to improve the quality of education in Indonesia.

(One of the rides based educational technology)-Related Articles in World Technology Education, Existence rides this technology-based education that will certainly make students more enthusiasm in learning. And if the innovation is implemented, then each student throughout the region can take advantage of the educational facilities with a maximum vehicle. In addition, students can also fill up his day off to visit this educational rides. This is certainly more useful than the other tourist spots.

With so many technologies that can be used for instructional media rides and, of course, we hope that the Indonesian education could be better. Expected with rides based recreation and tourism education and learning system that is able to print a more modern individuals who are smart, intelligent, creative, and character. And of course hopes to achieve a better educational future bright with existing technology and growing.

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