Early Childhood Education Discipline

Education for Early Childhood Discipline discipline children is to give an understanding of what is good and bad. Need to be instilled in children that making mistakes would contain a number of consequences, for which the penalty function in children's education.

Impose penalties on children who really should have been fixed based on love, and not to use physical violence.How to effectively provide pendidikandisiplin in children.
  •     Direction and advice
  •     Dialog heart
  •     Instantiate
  •     Limpahi the prize for his achievement
  •     Punishment with compassion.
  •     Words of wisdom

The correct way in giving gifts to children:
  •     Parents do not set targets for achievement scores in school children.
  •     Do not give gifts to the children to be obedient to parents.
  •     Give a gift that a major requirement especially that supports learning activities.
  •     Do not give gifts beyond the limits.
  •     Do not let making a gift as a pledge.
  •     Important principle in menyayangidengan penalties include:
  •     Appropriate steps to punish the child's age
  •     Corresponding weights punish mistakes.
  •     Do not punish other people because of errors
  •     The rule of law is explained to children
  •     Not punish the others.

Good sentence, is:

Sentence that contains the value of love and make children know where the fault lies.
Teach to say the word "sorry" when wrong and "thank you" when no one apologized.
Patience and diligence to keep and continue to make sense.
Give Praise of each sentence.Parents cope with emotions that lead to violence.
  •     Get to know your wrath.
  •     Give a justification to be angry. Change the direction of your anger on something other than the child, such as a rubber duck stuffed squeeze firmly.
  •     Vent your anger towards positive ..
  •     Try to relax yourself. Draw a deep breath and exhaled.
  •     Better bring anger to sleep.

ConclusionIn providing education to the children do not have discipline to use force, because without realizing it is not a discipline that teaches violence education that will be remembered and imitated children in the next period. To discipline, penalties can also be applied in educating kedisplinanan. But the thing to remember is not all sentences can be used, any punishment actually has rules of usage and principles in that sentence does not lead towards either physical or psychological violence.

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