Teaching in Distance Education

Throughout the second half of the twentieth century, a radical modification has actually taken place in our society: it is indeed spent a patriarchal society established to focus on the individual and his development company requirements, all in the context of globalization, made possible by enhanced interaction and fast advances in innovation.

It is for that reason important, in this environment, to give today's children all the benefits enabling it to fit much better into the world of tomorrow. This procedure is education, education offered by the instructors so called when by educators today.

The educator of the twenty-first century have to cope with new challenges. While its traditional function was the transmission of understanding, today, the instructor became a provider of understanding, however knowledge is constantly advancing. This indicates an interest in developments in their chosen field: the training is vital so that the understanding shared comply with the realities of the moment.

The emphasis on the person in our society requires that the lesson is not provided a reflection team in society however to a fixed set of various kids in their prospective, their interests, their experiences: the educator is front of a team to different aspirations. The difficulty of the teacher is to suit everyone. By observation, it can identify the strengths and weak points of each learner and vary his speeches and methodological methods. Constantly searching for details, it will continuously evaluate the pupil to appropriately take into account the individual rhythms and therefore respecting each in its characteristics to create a taste for independent knowing. With this strategy, pupils become actors in their learning. Assessments also give the teacher the chance to build relationships between the school and moms and dads, various other education stakeholders. Therefore kind backward and forward between college and home, which will lead to a much better understanding of the kid causing adjustment to the reality of each kid.

The duty of the teacher longer restricted to the vertical transmission of understanding: his strategy has actually changed and his vision of the human being as well. Worried that is his continuous search to provide the very best in understanding and abilities, the instructor will need to listen carefully to the socio-emotional problems of students and, where appropriate, to call various other resource persons.

The teaching career has actually now widened its horizons and, for that reason, asks for proficiency of abilities that have no place in the classic curriculum of future teachers. To think to make our education an important tool in this new century.


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