Mathematics in Daily Life

Waxing eloquently on the standard importance of Mathematics in human life, Roger Bacon (1214-1294), an English Franciscan friar, philosopher, researcher and scholar of the 13th century, when specified: "Forget of maths works injury to all understanding, because he who is ignorant of it can not know the various other sciences or the things of the world." And the resourcefulness of his statement is there prior to us to see, in this Web age.

However, mathematics, in itself, has all the ingredients that make it a universal language shared by all humans regardless of culture, religious beliefs, or gender. Pi is constantly 3.14159 despite where we are. Similarly, the elemental mathematical procedures (like addition, subtraction, and so on) never get altered due to a change in the place or for any various other reason whatsoever. These all say about the close intertwining of mathematics in our daily life.

At a time when even an usual guy is being progressively dependent upon the application of science and innovation in the day-to-day activities of life, the role of math hases unquestionably been redefined. Right from getting up in very early hours of the day to the ringing of an alarm, to wait for the counts of whistles of the cooker, to exchange currency at a ticket outlet while getting a public conveyance, almost every next moment we do the easy estimations at the back of our mind. Of course, these are all done quite subconsciously without an idea being spared for using mathematics on all such celebrations.

Checking out time on a watch, rounding a date on a calendar, checking up the mileage of your car, stopping at the filling station, taking care of a roll call at institution, getting ratings in the course exams, scoring in a game, betting on a horse race, preparing a dish in the kitchen, - the list is just unlimited if one goes on to keep in mind down the situations when our computational skill, or more specifically, easy math pertains to play a function. It frightens us to certain extent to think of a life without any knowledge of calculation or computation, or simply puts mathematics. In numerous a case, absence of an official education hardly impacts obtaining a relative mastery in these computational abilities which are so crucial in our everyday life.
At a mental level, exposure to maths assists in establishing an analytic mind and helps in much better organization of ideas and precise expression of ideas. At a more basic level, far away from dealing with the higher mathematical ideas, the significance of mathematics for a typical man is underpinned whenever he checks out banks, buying malls, railways, post offices, insurance coverage business, or offers with transportation, company transactions, imports and exports, trade and commerce, and the ilk. Even when we think of function of maths in our leisure activities, we remarkably have a list that runs rather long: computer game, computer system games, puzzles, riddles, and so on.

It ensues from the above discussion that a contemporary life style appears totally handicapped and sometimes, highly unlikely, in the absence of mathematics. For, unless we are well versed in the language of numbers, we would find it difficult to reach at crucial choices and carry out daily tasks. Be it to shop carefully, or buy the right insurance coverage, or refashion a house within a spending plan, knowledge of mathematics holds the key, and hence, hardly needed.

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